Healed of Cerebral Palsy

BabyToday I received a praise report from Irene in Kenya, for her baby boy.

He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy/Kernicterus and was given an evil report that his case was hopeless by a doctor who claimed to be a believer no less. 

Here is Irene’s testimony,,,

I hope this encourages those who read it. My name is Irene.

I contacted Frank after coming across his website on Google while desperately looking for any Christian who believed in divine healing and could pray for my 4 month old baby who was born perfect but developed severe jaundice ending up in the NICU on day 5.

This affected his brain and a top pediatrician in my country who is a born again believer, diagnosed him with cerebral palsy/Kernicterus. He told us that his case was hopeless which is a lie from the devil!

I was saddened that I did not know anyone in my country who believed that God could cure what the medical fraternity calls incurable and could pray for my son and see the healing manifest.

When I reached out to Frank, he responded with a very encouraging message, scriptures and links to his blog which helped encourage and build my faith. He also sent a healing prayer of agreement and asked me to lay hands on my son’s body and agree with him.

I took time, read the links and one of his free ebooks on “Faith/Unbelief”, which was eye opening. Then I made the prayer of agreement by faith as instructed yesterday.

When we woke up this morning, I held him and the stiffness on his hands was gone! This had delayed his upper limbs milestones. Now he will be able to grab toys and put them in his mouth, put his hands together, put his fingers in the mouth, keep his palms open and above all feed himself in future, write, draw etc. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Praise the Lord!  He did it again.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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