Thank you

for your generosity in partnering with us.  We are truly humbled by every gift that comes in.  Your investment will go directly to helping us focus on furthering the full gospel through online ministry (website, YouTube, etc.), hands-on street evangelism, healing outreaches, Gospel of John handouts in several languages, supplies for the homeless and needy, mission outreaches, video recording when possible, travel and other expenses.  We also give to other ministries we partner with whom do the same which furthers the reach of your gift even more.

Right now I pray that your investment into the kingdom will be multiplied back to you with your original seed returned to you.

Also, please pray for us that our ministry will continue to grow and that many of the people whose lives we touch will not only give their lives to Jesus and be saved and healed, but that they will be willing disciples to make other disciples who will also make other disciples and so on and so forth.


We can only accept gifts for the ministry and furtherance of the missionary work.  If we have prayed for you and you were healed, we cannot and will not accept any donation for your healing.  We abide by Jesus’ words that we have received freely and so we give freely.  Besides, Jesus already paid the full price and did all the work … we just stretch forth the Father’s hand that signs and wonders are done in the name of His holy child Jesus as in Acts 4:30.  Also, please know that, contrary to what some televangelists claim, you cannot sow money for your healing.  It is impossible.  You can only reap what you sow in like kind.  If you sow money, you will reap money.  If you sow healing, you will reap healing.  It does not, however, say that you will only reap where you sow.  So if you sow in one place, you can reap in another place.  But it is true that you will reap that which you sow in like kind.

Thank you again.  Your continued faithfulness means a lot to us and encourages us to keep on ministering until Jesus returns or until we go home to meet him in the air.  What a glorious day that will be!

Options for giving

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    Give via PayPal
    Give any amount online via PayPal by clicking here (select the “friends and family” option).  Or use this QR code on your phone:
  • If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to donate online by credit card, cash, or check, please complete below and we will send you a special one time request.
  • Send via Zelle by clicking here and addressing your gift (max $500/wk) to: 
  • Venmo qrSend via Venmo by addressing your gift (max $299.99/wk) to:  or use this QR code on your phone:


Questions or comments:

Please note: We are not a 501(c)3 organization.  All donations are considered individual gifts.


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