Behold I Give You Power

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.  Luke 10:19

deputy-sheriff-badgeJesus spoke this to 82 disciples, not just the 12 apostles as some believe.  So right here we see that the apostles were not the only ones who were given power to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead.

The first word translated here as “power” is the Greek word “exousia” which literally means “delegated authority” as in the lawful authority to exercise supernatural force.  Since Jesus had been delegated this authority as the son of man from the Father at His baptism in the Holy Ghost, He was able to delegate it in turn to whomever He desired.  All true believers have this same authority.   Continue reading Behold I Give You Power

Plan Of The Ages

dispensation_of_innocenceHave you ever wondered what happened from the beginning of time when God created the universe?  And what will happen in the near and distant future?  And what will happen all the way until the end of time?

And what God’s plans are concerning the earth, the gathering if His church, the tribulation, the antichrist, Jesus’ second coming, the millennium or 1,000 year reign, the rebirth of the nation of Israel, the ruling of the saints with Christ, the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven to earth, the new heavens and the new earth, God the Father dwelling on earth with us, and all the events God has set into motion?   Continue reading Plan Of The Ages

Jesus Gives Girl A New Arm

right-armToday I would like to share with you Abigail’s amazing testimony.

In this video, Barbara, Abigail’s mother explains how she was born with only one arm.

The day after being prayed for, her arm miraculously grew 5 cm.  The next day she came home from school and explained to her mom that she could actually feel and hear her arm continuing to grow.   Continue reading Jesus Gives Girl A New Arm

Arguing with Agnostics and Atheists

adam-and-eve-temptationNature itself proves that there is a God.

The beauty and goodness in the world proves that God exists. And since we are created in His image, these are His attributes that we have inherited by design.

The bad things in this world proves that evil exists.  Evil is not from God but from the adversary, the devil. This we inherited not from God but from Adam’s fall and failure to obey God. Continue reading Arguing with Agnostics and Atheists

Jesus Lifts Woman Out Of Wheelchair

wheelchair-upJason, one of our team members, had joined us at the flea market outreach on Saturday morning.   We came across a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair and approached them explaining that we were ministers and offered to pray for her.

Her name was Jewel and she had had surgery on her left knee.  She said that she was a believer so I asked her,  “Do you believe that Jesus is able to heal you right now?”  “Yes!  I believe that!” she replied.  I offered for Jason to pray for her and he jumped right in.  He placed his hand on her left knee and commanded the pain the get out and for her knee to be completely healed.   Continue reading Jesus Lifts Woman Out Of Wheelchair

Jesus Heals Cancer

Healed.gifBetty, one of our team members, came out to our outreach event at the flea market. As we were walking around, we noticed a woman standing next to a booth with crutches leaning against her shopping cart as she was waiting for her husband who was checking the wares a vendor had to offer.

We asked her if the crutches were hers and she explained that she was holding on to them for her husband who had just had surgery on his knee.  When we asked if we could pray for her husband, she said, “Well he’s busy right now but you can pray for me.”  It turned out that she had cancer and weakness on the left side of her body.   Continue reading Jesus Heals Cancer

Generational Curses Cancelled

3generationsIt keeps popping up like a bad penny that remains in circulation.  The sacred cow doctrine of generational curses causing sickness and disease that appears to be a favorite amongst gullible believers and eagerly disseminated by huckster,  opportunistic lay preachers who fleece the flock selling them nothing but snake oil.

I say lay preachers because they are not ordained of God to spew forth the heresy and doctrines of men which they are preaching as if they were commandments from God.  They refuse to adhere to clear and concise scripture on this matter, choosing instead to deceitfully secure the riches of this world to themselves rather than preach truth to store up eternal rewards in heaven.   Continue reading Generational Curses Cancelled


d-a-carson-quote-heavenOn my way to a seminar today, I passed a billboard on the highway that was advertising for a local hospital.  It offered “World-Class emergency care locally here in Wayne, New Jersey.”

“World-Class?” I thought, “I don’t want World-Class!  I want Heaven-Class!”  Who wants to be cut up with knives, burnt with radiation or poisoned with chemical drugs when you can be instantly healed in the wonderful name of Jesus?  Right?   Continue reading World-Class?