Plan Of The Ages

dispensation_of_innocenceHave you ever wondered what happened from the beginning of time when God created the universe?  And what will happen in the near and distant future?  And what will happen all the way until the end of time?

And what God’s plans are concerning the earth, the gathering if His church, the tribulation, the antichrist, Jesus’ second coming, the millennium or 1,000 year reign, the rebirth of the nation of Israel, the ruling of the saints with Christ, the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven to earth, the new heavens and the new earth, God the Father dwelling on earth with us, and all the events God has set into motion?  

How would you like to have a map of every significant event that ever has, or ever will take place?  Well, now you have it.  No, it is not a crystal ball but rather scripture mapped out on a timeline chart.

This chart was created by Finis Jennings Dake, who was given the gift of knowledge when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit as a young man at the age of 17.  With this gift he was able to instantly quote scripture without having had the opportunity to read, learn or memorize it beforehand.  As such, scripture on any topic he would think on, would simply be given to him which he would look up and verify to be exactly as given, even multiple confirming  scriptures.  You can read his testimony here.  Or watch it here.

Have you always been confused about revelations of times to come?  In this lecture series, you will be amazed how simple it really is as Finis teaches it plainly and down to earth.

Here is the chart in slideshow format:

In the following videos Finis Dake teaches from the chart:

God’s Plan for Man

Here is the introduction to God’s Plan for Man series by Finis J. Dake as officially published by Dake Publishing, Inc.  The full series playlists are here.  They were posted in reverse order.  Start at the bottom for the first and subsequent videos.  See below listing in proper order.

Here are the audio playlists and lessons listed in order:

God’s Plan for Man series lessons:

  1. Introduction to God’s Plan for Man series – Finis J. Dake (GPFM Lesson 1,2,3)
  2. See Lesson # 2 above
  3. See Lesson # 3 above
  4. The Truth About God
  5. The Original Creations of God
  6. Satan and the Spirit-World
  7. Rebellion and Overthrow of the First Social System
  8. The Story of Re-Creation
  9. The Dispensation of Innocence
  10. Providence: God’s Plan for the Needs of Man 
  11. The Dispensation of Conscience
  12. Why God’s Plan for the Needs of Man is Not Realized 
  13. The Dispensation of Human Government
  14. Divine Healing and Divine Health
  15. The Dispensation of Promise
  16. Asking and Receiving from God 
  17. The Dispensation of Law
  18. The Old Testament Church
  19. The Dispensation of Grace
  20. The New Testament Program for the Modern Church
  21. The Truth About Jesus Christ
  22. A Christian’s Power of Attorney
  23. The Bible Doctrine of Sin
  24. How to Get rid of Sin and Sickness
  25. The Deity of the Holy Spirit
  26. The Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  27. The Doctrine of the Trinity
  28. Faith – How to Attain to All the Known Need of Life
  29. The New Testament Church (Matt. 16:18)
  30. The Truth About the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  31. The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of God and the Parables
  32. The Old and New Covenants
  33. The Bible Doctrine of Salvation
  34. The Truth About Sanctification and Justification
  35. The Truth About Eternal Security
  36. Fifteen Great Covenants of Scripture and British-Israelism
  37. Where are the Dead?
  38. The Seven Judgements of Scripture
  39. The Book of Daniel
  40. Daniel’s Seventieth Week and the Tribulation
  41. A Gist of the Book of Revelation
  42. The Rapture of the Church and Heaven – (GPFM Lesson 42 & 43)
  43. See Lesson # 43 above
  44. Sun-Clothed Woman, Manchild, Dragon, Beast, False Prophet, Ten Virgins – (GPFM Lesson 44 & 45)
  45. See Lesson # 45 above
  46. The Ten Horns and the Beast Itself – (GPFM Lesson 46, 47 & 48)
  47. See Lesson # 47 above
  48. See Lesson # 48 above
  49. The Marriage Supper, Second Advent, Armageddon
  50. The Dispensation of Divine Government
  51. The New Heaven and New Earth
  52. The Bride of Christ

More Finis Dake videos here.


Franciscus M. Dartee

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