Jesus told us to go out and make disciples of all nations.  In order to make disciples, we need to be disciples ourselves.  As a soldier goes through boot camp and athletes train vigorously to compete, so we too must discipline ourselves to make our calling sure.

The goal of our ministry is to help in this process and to equip the saints as part of the 5 fold ministry.

This is a twofold process:

  1. Renewing of your mind, and,
  2. Renewing of the spirit of your mind

You could renew your mind all day long for years and years but until and unless you renew the spirit of your mind, you will not commit to action.  This is your attitude that what Jesus said, he said directly to you and that you accept and act on your commission just like a soldier his orders or an athlete his call to the Olympics.


Start here by watching one or all of the online Divine Healing Technician Training.

TIP: MP3 Cyborg – Free tool allows you to convert YouTube or other video to MP3 audio format for download.
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Next, watch the New Man Series – This changes everything!

Next, watch the SWAT Series (Spiritual Warriors & Warfare Apostolic Training)

  • SWAT 1 – Spiritual Warriors Apostolic Training 1 – YouTube & MP3
  • SWAT 2 – Spiritual Warfare Apostolic Training 2 – YouTube & MP3
  • New SWAT – (SWAT 1 & SWAT 2 Combined) MP3’s
  • SWAT Material from

Next, watch the Mind Renewal Seminar

Then, watch the Manifested Sons Of God Seminar

Other Curry Blake Teaching:

Instruction material:

Biographies of Healing Ministers:

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12 thoughts on “Training”

  1. Thanks so much for the resources. I first saw you through it’s supernatural program. You’re such a blessing Rev Curry Blake. Please can I have your e-mail. May God bless you


    1. Dear Dr. Benny,

      Even though we host a lot of Curry’s teaching materials, or rather link to them, we are not an official Curry Blake or John G. Lake Ministries website. But I can certainly help you with Curry’s email address which is Please understand that Curry gets thousands of emails every day and may not physically be able to respond. to each and every email he receives.

      Blessings in Jesus,



  2. How can I access the materials please?
    I have tried watching the vedios and even downloading pdfs but NO ACCESS. They are great materials. Help!


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