Mr. Dartee

I am just reporting to you that God used me recently to work healing miracles. This past Tuesday I met a friend in the gym and as we talked he explained that he was in pain in his left arm.  Evidently, during a workout he somehow injured his left elbow area and the pain traveled to his palm. He pretty much was limited in doing pushing exercises.  In fact, he couldn’t do a push-up without pain or discomfort.

Well…I offered to pray and he (a believer) agreed to let me pray and I did and I hit it three times and told him to do push-ups and he was able to do 12 push-ups without any pain. He spent a little time moving and twisting his arm and he couldn’t find any pain whatsoever!!!

Then…I asked him if one of his legs was longer than the other.  He said no…but I had him sit down and I checked and his left leg was 3/4 inches shorter at least.  He was surprised when he saw it that short. I commanded the left leg to come out in Jesus name and it came out so fast I almost missed it.  It was awesome glory and thanksgiving to God in Jesus name!!!

Franciscus…you allowed me to be a part of your mailing list and with the added John G. Lake ministry teachings…and watching others on youtube doing it helped me step out. Let me tell you…I sense a fearlessness in laying hands on the sick and sharing Christ with people. I am looking forward to other fruitful encounters this year.

I thought you should know what you have sown here into my life was not in vain. Again thanks for all you do – your faithfulness to Jesus and His Gospel is bearing fruit all the time.  Again thank you.  One day, God willing I would be honored in meeting you and ministering together to reach last souls and bring healing to them.

Oh did I tell you…THIS IS FUN!!!

God bless you and yours

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