Comment: Praise report!                                                            Jun 27, 2019, 1:10 AM
I called you this past winter. My name is Quintin from Winnipeg. My kids were always getting sick with vomit cases and it was happening to the extreme too many times in a year long period. I finally said that was enough and commanded the illnesses to go and not return. You also stood with me in faith and commanded peace in my household. They have not been sick since because Heaven hears and agrees…hell obeys! Thank you for your fellowship. Again I hope you remember me but if not, you wanted a follow-up praise report. We had slight sniffles but it’s gone within a day but my household does not barf, no signs of fevers, no coughs, PRAISE YESHUA! I am very happy to report this. When my kids sneeze I know naturally and biogologically that is a sign of thier immune systems registering the virus/bacteria and releasing it.