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All Pain Knocked Out!

Pow.pngWe were at the flea market with Anand, one of our team members, and came across a lady in a wheelchair.

Anand offered to pray for her and she accepted.  She had pain in her knees.  Anand prayed several times for this lady but the demon was stubborn and would not release her from the pain in her legs.  But it had to go.  It had not choice!   Continue reading All Pain Knocked Out!

Healing On 42nd Street

A woman in a red wheelchair was being pushed by her son on 42nd Street towards Times Square in New York City.  She was accompanied by her husband walking next to her on her left and her daughter in law on her right.
Red WC

I caught up to them and offered the son for me to pray for his mom.  He just looked at me in a blank stare.  So I asked him a second time.  Still, just a blank stare.  Maybe he doesn’t speak English, I thought?  So I asked him if he spoke English.   Continue reading Healing On 42nd Street