Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 3

Scribe.pngContinued from Part 2

We find a clue in the following verse:

And when he came to his disciples, he saw a great multitude about them, and the scribes questioning with them.  Mark 9:14

Aha!  Now why would the scribes be questioning them?  The scribes were the lawyers of those days, well versed in the Mosaic laws and quite intimidating to the common Jew of that day.  Most Jews would have to go to the temple to be able to hear the word read to them.  They did not have a copy of the scrolls in their home since these were sacred and kept at the temple.  The scribes had the scriptures at their fingertips and on the tip of their tongue at all times and unlimited access to study them day and night.  They were the doctors and experts of the law and were revered by the common folk.  They were also the ones who would step in at trials to quote scripture and verse in condemning a trespasser of the law.  But they were also the ones who honored God with their lips but their heart was far from Him.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 3

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 2


Shona witch doctor Zimbabwe

Continued from Part 1

Not so, in third world countries where demons dominate out in the open through witchcraft and in your face physical manifestations. Just ask anyone from a third world country if they believe that demons are real and you will get a resounding “Oh, Yes!”

Why this difference between the two hemispheres? Could it be because of our ‘pride of life’?  In our western culture we have plenty of luxury and distractions, most of which are electronic, to keep us busy and it is not considered as sophisticated for us to believe in superstitions such as demons and witchcraft.

It is appalling to see how many people watch horror movies completely dulling their senses and discernment of the spiritual and fluff it off as it just being fantasy and not real anyway.  Or how we teach our children to celebrate the underworld Halloween with demonic ghouls and goblins, strangled dummies and graves with headstones on our front lawns, witches on broomstick flying into trees, demanding “trick or treat” that if we do not get a treat, we will place a trick (spell) on them, and yet treat it as completely innocent child’s play.  If we do not believe in demons then we must also not believe in God either and this is their advantage.   Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 2

Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 1

Lunar eclipse

Jesus was not One to mince words.  He told people exactly what they needed to hear and when they needed to hear it.

His own disciples were no exception.  When they came to Him privately to ask Him why they could not cast the demon out of a young ‘lunatic’ boy, He did not hesitate one moment.  “Because of your unbelief.” was His quick and immediate response and rebuke to set them straight.

This was the direct answer to their direct question as to why they failed in their attempt to cast the demon out of the boy.  Unbelief!

But what was this unbelief?  How did they get it?  What caused this unbelief all of a sudden in these disciples who had already performed many miracles?  How would they be able to overcome it?  And what causes unbelief in us as believers today?  How do we overcome unbelief to always be able to do the mighty works of Jesus?  Let’s explore this over the next few sessions. Continue reading Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 1

God’s Accuracy

Elephant_12.gifWhen GOD solves our problems, we have faith in HIS abilities.

When GOD doesn’t solve our problems, HE has faith in our abilities.

One may observe God’s accuracy in the hatching of eggs….

  • those of the canary in 14 days;
  • those of the barnyard hen in 21 days;
  • eggs of ducks and geese in 28 days;
  • those of the mallard in 35 days;
  • the eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days.


Marine in Flames

USSlakechamplain.18741306_large.jpgToday I would like to share with you the amazing story of Ken Cantrell, who walked in the midst of gasoline flames from an explosion by the power of the Holy Spirit for 35 minutes rescuing the bodies of his fellow marines and was not harmed and did not even have the smell of smoke on him afterwards.

This is the story of a U.S. marine who was preserved from death through the power of the Holy Spirit. Today, brother Ken Cantrell preaches about the redemption of both the body and heart. The Holy Spirit surrounded his body and saved his life from the fire!   Continue reading Marine in Flames

Woman Raised From The Dead At Sam’s


A woman and her sister were in Sam’s when they heard a man crying out, “Somebody help me!  Somebody help me!”

Not knowing what was going on, they ran over there and saw a woman slumped over in her seat with her face turning blue.   All he was saying was, “Somebody help me!” as he was trying to put a peppermint into her mouth.

“What’s wrong with her?” she asked.  The man replied, “I don’t know.  She’s going out.  I need help.”  She tried to move the woman’s mouth up and down to taste the peppermint when she realized the woman was passing.   Continue reading Woman Raised From The Dead At Sam’s

Pain Management

no-painAs I was waiting for the security guard to show up so I could enter the hospital where my daughter had just given birth to her new baby, out of boredom, I started reading the hospital policy signs on the wall.

The first sign that caught my attention, was a Pain Management Policy and Your Rights as a Patient of the Hospital.

As I started reading about how you have the right to be taken seriously about any pain you might have and be able to participate in deciding the treatment to manage your pain, I became a bit agitated and thought, why on earth would you want to manage pain?   Continue reading Pain Management