Because Of Your Unbelief – Part 1

Lunar eclipse

Jesus was not One to mince words.  He told people exactly what they needed to hear and when they needed to hear it.

His own disciples were no exception.  When they came to Him privately to ask Him why they could not cast the demon out of a young ‘lunatic’ boy, He did not hesitate one moment.  “Because of your unbelief.” was His quick and immediate response and rebuke to set them straight.

This was the direct answer to their direct question as to why they failed in their attempt to cast the demon out of the boy.  Unbelief!

But what was this unbelief?  How did they get it?  What caused this unbelief all of a sudden in these disciples who had already performed many miracles?  How would they be able to overcome it?  And what causes unbelief in us as believers today?  How do we overcome unbelief to always be able to do the mighty works of Jesus?  Let’s explore this over the next few sessions.

They called the boy’s condition “lunatic” which means “moonstruck”, because they  believed that such a condition was caused or influenced by the full moon since that was when it manifested itself the most.  And that is exactly what the demons that possessed the boy and other lunatics wanted them to believe when in reality they themselves were the real culprits and the actual cause of these seizures.

Today we would call such warfare tactics a “false flag” operation, where one side covertly instigates an attack but makes it appear as though it was the other side who started it by attacking them ‘unprovoked’ so they had no choice but to defend themselves.  They would hereby shove all the blame onto the other side to gain world sympathy for their ‘plight’.  Their aggression now appears to the world as a mere act in self defense.  Our world history is full of such false flag incidents that have triggered full scale wars all over the world and which age old tactic is still being employed to this very day.

Yes, casting out demons is nothing less than warfare where demons will employ every possible dirty trick in and not in the book to kill, steal and destroy those created in the image of the Creator!  And they have been at it for thousands of years exploiting our ignorance of their tactics.

In the spirit of denying the blame of any invasion of the demonic realm into our realm as being caused by demons, the medical community has given this moonstruck condition the respectable name of “epilepsy” to hide its real name of “demon manifestation.”

In our modern western society demons love to hide themselves so that people will deny them and not believe that the demonic exists and will blame their fate and unhealthy conditions on anything else but demons.

Just go ahead and try to get an atheistic or agnostic physician to admit that cancer, heart attack, stroke, or any other dread disease are all caused by demons.  They will scowl and laugh at you to your face.  How dare you challenge modern medical science?  Yet, none of these high and mighty learned doctors can ever tell you what the cause of any disease is.  They can only diagnose and treat the symptoms but they can never identify the underlying root cause of any disease.  That is why they are always ‘practicing’.

Like epilepsy, they claim, is caused by some sort of short circuit of the nervous system in the brain but they cannot tell you what causes the short circuit.  They can guess at it but they dare not say it with certainty nor do they have any known cure for it and can only suppress the symptoms but not cure the disease.  They condemn sufferers in this state to a lifelong regimen of pharmaceutical poisons to suppress the seizures.  They would never ever in their wildest dreams, even consider acknowledging it as a demonic attack which cure requires only that the demon be cast out.

Go ahead and try to convince a regimented health nut, or a vegetarian, or a vegan, or an organic conscious guru that sickness and disease does not come from eating an unhealthy diet but from demons and they will think you a poor ignorant empty head.  Ask them this; if eating healthy is so vitally important, then why did Jesus never even once talk about it but rather said that not what goes into a man defiles him but what comes out of him is what defiles him.  He even said that all that enters a man does not defile him but is eliminated into the sewer.

Would this not have been the perfect opportunity for Jesus to tell us to eat a healthy diet and what to abstain from that would not be healthy or good for our body?  No, He never said one word about any such thing.  Quite the opposite.  Jesus spoke to Peter after showing him a vision of a sheet descending from the four comers of the sky full of all kinds of animals and told him to “Kill and eat.” whereupon Peter aghast outright refused and burst out, “No, not so, Lord, for nothing unclean has ever passed these lips.”  Jesus corrected him, “What I have made clean, call thou not unclean.”  He did this three times to make his point with Peter.  Now picture this; there must have been pigs among the animals displayed which were an outright abomination to the Jews.  Imagine the horror of this newly converted Jew being told that bacon, pork chops and BBQ’d spare ribs were now suddenly all acceptable to be eaten, just like the heathen ate?  Unthinkable!

Paul even tells us concerning food that nothing is to be refused because it is sanctified by the word and by our intercession (1 Timothy 4:5).  If anything was to be refused it was the eating of blood and things strangled or sacrificed to idols.  Also, to abstain from fornication.  These four things were the only don’ts and all else was considered to be fine.  This was determined by the full counsel of the elders of the new church in Jerusalem and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to not put the yoke of the law, which even they and their fathers could not bear, on the new believers.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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