Jesus Heals Multiple Sclerosis

I had posted a video of Tom Loud healing a man named John from Montana of his MS (Multiple Sclerosis) on this site.   Actually it was his secretary Chelsea who ministered the healing.

Somehow Marlene bumped into this video and watched it with tears.   4 Years ago, her son Allan had been diagnosed with MS and she was devastated as any mother would be with such terrible news. 

She sent in a prayer request for healing.  Here is her prayer request for her son:

Hello, I found your video today and watched the MS video with so many tears. my Allan Boucher was diagnosed with this, I have refused to accept this and continue to pray as Allan does too, I am asking for healing for him, and is it possible that he make speak with you himself via phone or video chat, I am leaving his number as he will want to talk to you
Thank you so much

I called Allan and prayed for him by casting out the spirit of infirmity and MS and commanded healing for his body head to toe. 

I instructed him to do what he could not do before.  He said he could not move his leg so I told him to put his hand on his leg and we prayed again specifically for his leg.

Since I could not see him I did not know exactly what was going on but I heard some noise and he said he could move his leg. 

I forgot to ask Allan for his email so I sent the following email to Marlene:

Hi Marlene.  Please forward this to Allan.

Hi Allan,

Glad we connected.   

When we prayed the life of Jesus went into you and the power of the Holy Spirit is doing His operation in you.

Be sure to keep doing what you could not do before and keep doing it until all symptoms are gone.  Just keep thanking and praising Jesus that by His stripes you were healed.

You can reach me anytime at my number below.  I expect a great report!

Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Here are Healing Declarations for you to confirm your healing. 

Blessings in Jesus,

The next day I received an email from Marlene:

Hello Frank a huge Thank you for your powerful prayer with Allan he was so happy, he has not been able to lift his leg in such a long time, he will be calling again and I believe he is already healing, I have shared this with my prayer group, I have been watching all the videos and learning, I asked the Lord for someone and the Holy Spirit guided me to you, now I cry happy tears, I Thank you Lord for sending Tom Loud and Frank
Sincerely Marlene

I wrote her back:

Hi Marlene,

All praise goes to Jesus!  I am just stretching forth the Father’s hand, for healing, and signs, and wonders, to come to pass through the name of His holy child Jesus. (Acts 4:30)

May I share your testimony on my website for others to be encouraged?  Please let me know.

Blessings in Jesus,

Marlene and Allan each sent me their testimonies:

Marlene’s testimony:

It was Nov, 4 years ago I sat in the Doctor’s office with my son Allan he was diagnosed with MS, my heart broke into a million pieces but I said to myself NO I do not accept this, I stayed strong for Allan and knew he was devastated, I came home and got on my knees and cried buckets of tears, had a talk with God.I gave my life to the Lord and began my journey to find that someone to heal Allan and I emailed pastors, travelled 12 hours to meet a man who pushed Allan down and left him there, I never even got to speak to him.
I never stopped searching and reading the Bible, searching for an answer, a few months ago I began a prayer group of family and friends which is now  108 of us that pray every night at 7 pm for 10 mins, deep in my heart I kept searching and praying for the Lord to send me the right person, Aug 15 I had another talk with Jesus asking, I came inside and went to utube Tom Loud’s video popped up, the video of MS healing, I said Thank you Lord and emailed his ministry and putting my trust in Jesus.
Aug 17,  Allan called me so excited Frank had called him and he lifted his leg higher than he ever had in a long time, I Thanked the Lord and gave him Glory and Honor for answering my prayer. As a mom I believe Jesus heard me as I never stopped having faith and belief.
if you google my name Marlene Myram my heart stopped I died for 6 mins and came back I know I was brought back for strength to bring my family to the Lord
Marlene and so Grateful to you Frank and Tom Loud Ministries

Allan’s testimony:

Hello Frank,  I wanted to thank you for sharing your faith,  love and motivating words with me, (at 6:40pm (pst) on August 17).

I was sitting back on a chair in the living room when I recieved your phonecall.  After a brief introduction you prayed for my physical wellness, and after a short powerful statement of faith you told me to do something I couldn’t do before.   So I lifted my leg, my knee almost hit my face… I was in awe.  Its been a few years since I could control my leg like that, but living it and experiencing that, it was indescribable. 

You rejuvenated confidence I have in myself.  Even though I continue to struggle to walk, I am willing to do it more often.  I repeat words you said, through Jesus’ stripes I am healed.

For now I strive to live in the holy spirit.

Thank you, God bless us all. 

– Allan Boucher

Praise Jesus!

Franciscus M. Dartee

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4 thoughts on “Jesus Heals Multiple Sclerosis”

  1. Wow, so amazing!! Can you please pray for one of my friends, single mum, 4 kids, stage 4 brain cancer. She was doing really well for even years, but she is not feeling well right now. Cancer has metastesised into her abdomen.

    Thank you,Nora


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