Tue, Jan 14, 4:06 PM

Comment: Ty Frank for all the time you spent with me today @ Walmart. I learned so much & feel fan tas tic!!!

My left leg has been shorter than my right for many years, resulting in some hip & groin pain as well as in an imbalanced gait.  In the past I would put a lift in the heel of my left shoe to compensate…but never really got the desired result…that was THEN, but NOW my left leg is completely EVEN with my right!Sister Carla and Brother Frank ministered healing over me & in the name of Jesus COMMANDED my left leg to grow out…more & more & more until it was PERFECTLY even with my right leg!!!Praise God, & thank you Frank for being such an obedient steward of the Word & specifically of Jesus’ command to go out & preach the gospel to the world, to lay hands on the sick, & to raise the dead!Hallelujah!  God’s Word is the same yesterday, today, & tomorrow!!!I am truly blessed✝️🙏Andrea Davis