July 23rd, 2019
Hello and good evening Mr. Dartee.  I am very grateful that our Lord worked through you to help me heal.  May I share the following testimony, with great appreciation and thanks:
A few weeks ago I called Mr. Dartee at the strong suggestion of my cousin, who was confident that I could be prayed for and healed.  I had been suffering with Lyme Disease and had severe swollen joints in my knees which resulted in me having to use crutches.  Mr. Dartee led me through Healing Declaration prayers, and firmly stated that he expected positive results.  I said the prayers everyday, and God granted me several miracles: that I no longer had swollen knees, my blood work showed that I no longer had Lyme Disease, and I was able to walk a mile, which I had not been able to do in years!
Thank you Jesus, and thank you Mr. Dartee for your faith and kindness.  Many Blessings, Marie