Another Dead Raising Testimony

Brother Schambach was a healing evangelist who worked with his mentor, the famous A.A. Allan, for 5 years before starting his own tent ministry. 

He was one of the boldest and on fire preachers for Jesus that ever lived.  One minute into any one of his sermons and you will understand and be riveted to the end.

In this preaching he gives testimony to raising a man from the dead who came to his service one night.  The man literally died in his seat of a heart attack and brother Schambach climbed over 4 rows of seats to get to him to cast the spirit of death out of this man.

But he remained dead…

…and brother Schambach had the ushers move him and lay him behind the podium and he went home that night and forgot all about the dead man behind the podium.

Not spoil the rest, please listen to the sermon posted below for yourself.

Brother Schambach went to glory in 2012 after turning 85 while preaching for 5 decades: “You don’t have any trouble … all you need is faith in God.”

You can read a brief synopsis of his life here.

I give you brother Schambach.  Enjoy!

R W Schambach The Compassion of Christ

Praise Jesus!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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