Curry Blake Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books, articles and various other topics to read.

God’s Plan For Man – Finis J. Dake

Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible – Finis J. Dake

Any Biography of:

William Booth

Blood & Fire – Roy Hattersley

William & Catherine Booth: Founders of The Salvation Army- Helen Hosier

William Booth – David Bennett (Men of Faith Series) Bethany Publishers

William & Catherine – Trevor Yaxley

Letters To Salvationists on Religion for Every Day – William Booth

In Darkest England and The Way Out – William Booth

John Wesley

John Wesley – Into All The World – John Telford

The Life of John Wesley – Roy Hattersley

John Wesley – C.E. Vulliamy (Heroes of the Faith) – Barbour

Wesley & Men Who Followed – Ian H. Murray

George Mueller

George Mueller – William Harding – Heroes of the Faith – Barbour

The Autobiography of George Mueller

William Seymour:

William Seymour: A Biography – Craig Borlase

John G. Lake:

Adventures in God

John G. Lake: A Man Without Compromise – Wilford Reidt

John G. Lake’s Writings From Africa – Curry R. Blake

Spiritual Hunger and Other Sermons – John G. Lake

John G. Lake – Apostle To Africa – Compiled by Gordon Lindsay

The New John G. Lake Sermons – Compiled by Gordon Lindsay

The John G. Lake Sermons on Dominion over Demons, Disease, and Death

Lester Sumrall

My Story For His Glory – Lester Sumrall

Run With The Vision – Lester Sumrall

Charles Finney (Bio. & or any of his works)

The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney

Finney’s Systematic Theology – Charles G. Finney – Bethany House Pub.

Experiencing the Presence of God – Charles Finney – Whitaker House

Finney on Revival – Charles G. Finney

Experiencing Revival – Charles G. Finney

Charles G. Finney’s Doctrine of The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Answers To Prayer – Charles G. Finney

Principles… Series: Charles Finney sermons Compiled by

Louis Gifford Parkhurst

Principles of Discipleship – Charles G. Finney

Principles of Consecration – Charles G. Finney

Principles of Revival – Charles G. Finney


Revolution: A Call To Holy War – Michael L. Brown

Go And Sin No More – Michael L. Brown

Let No One Deceive You – Michael L. Brown

Revival: The Answer Book – Michael L. Brown

Whatever Happened to the Power of God – Michael L. Brown

It’s Time To Rock The Boat – Michael L. Brown

Spiritual Warfare:

God At War – Gregory Boyd


Azusa Street – Frank Bartleman

The Azusa Street Revival – Roberts Liardon

The Azusa Street Mission and Revival – Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

Azusa Street & Beyond – Grant McClung

The Winds of God – Howard Goss

God’s General’s – Roberts Liardon

The Women of Azusa Street – Estrelda Alexander

The Azusa Street Revival (The Holy Spirit in America 100 Years) – Eddie Hyatt


Warrior Elite – Dick Couch

Finishing School – Dick Couch

Rangers Lead the Way – Dean Hohl

Semper Fi – Leadership the Marine Corp Way – Dan Carrison

Corp Business (30 Operational Principles of the U.S.M.C.)- David H. Freedman

Patton On Leadership – Alan Axelrod

Green Berets in the Vanguard – Chalmers Archer Jr.

A Commitment To Valor – A Character Portrait of Robert E.Lee – Rod Gragg

May I Quote You, Stonewall Jackson? – Randall Bedwell

Operation Excellence – Mark Bender

On War and Leadership – Owen Connelly

Duty First – West Point and the Making of American Leaders – Ed Ruggero

How Great Generals Win – Bevin Alexander

Stonewall Jackson’s Book of Maxims – James I. Robertson Jr.

Stonewall Jackson As Military Commander – John Selby

All Things For Good – The Steadfast Fidelity of Stonewall Jackson –   J. Steven Wilkins

Leadership Lessons of Robert E. Lee – Bil Holton

What Are Generals Made of? – Maj. Gen. Aubrey Newman


Foxe’s Book of Martyr’s

By Their Blood – Christian Martyrs from the 21st Century – James Hefley

Jesus Freaks (DC Talk) – Vol II – Bethany House

End of The Spear – Steve Saint – Tyndale

Video / DVD:

God’s General’s – Roberts Liardon

End of the Spear – (Movie)


(These are scientific materials and are not to be used for their spiritual/religious understanding. If you have a basic understanding of the Scriptures, you will see what applies and what does not.)

The Elegant Universe – Brian Greene

The Fabric of The Cosmos – Brian Greene

Hyperspace – Michio Kaku

Superstrings – E.David Peat

Phantoms in the Brain – V.S. Ramachandran


Inside Islam – Reza F. Safa

Islam and Terrorism – Mark A. Gabriel

Holy War on the Homefront – Harvey Kushner

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) – Robert Spencer


John Alexander Dowie – Gordon Lindsay

By the stripes of Jesus you are already healed!

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