Pain Management

no-painAs I was waiting for the security guard to show up so I could enter the hospital where my daughter had just given birth to her new baby, out of boredom, I started reading the hospital policy signs on the wall.

The first sign that caught my attention, was a Pain Management Policy and Your Rights as a Patient of the Hospital.

As I started reading about how you have the right to be taken seriously about any pain you might have and be able to participate in deciding the treatment to manage your pain, I became a bit agitated and thought, why on earth would you want to manage pain?  

That’s like trying to manage a wild herd of swine that had broken down your fence, dug up your yard, forced themselves through your door and into your house, and are now destroying your furnishings and your house.  Who would want to even try to manage that?  Wouldn’t you immediately get a broom and drive them out instead?

Why manage pain?  Cast it out, I say!  And be done with it!  Like the swine, cast them out! Command the vermin to go and to not come back!

That’s just what demons are; vermin that cause pain and wreak havoc for no good purpose but to oppress you and to destroy your life and even try to kill you if you will let them.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  John 10:10

What if you had been out of work and had come to the end of your money before you had come to the end of your month and simply could not pay your mortgage payment for the month?  But in checking with the bank to see what arrangement might be able to be made, they tell you that you are not only paid to date, but that your mortgage has been paid off.  When you ask how this can be and inquire who paid off the debt, they cannot tell you.  But they assure you that your mortgage has been paid in full, the debt has been cancelled and the mortgage satisfaction letter has already been filed on the record with the county recorder’s office.  They further tell you that you can go to the county recorder’s office to verify and even request a certified copy of the mortgage satisfaction document for yourself as proof.

As you hang up the phone completely perplexed and in utter amazement, would you be grateful and thankful, accepting your anonymous benefactor’s gift?  Or would you call the bank back and argue that the payoff was invalid and that you will not accept it but that you insist on paying it yourself?

Such is what Jesus has done with all of our pain and all of our sickness.  It was paid in full by the stripes on His back and thus recorded in the New Covenant, a certified copy of which you already have right there in your bible.

Isaiah prophesied that Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.  The Hebrew word for sorrow here is “maḵ’ôḇ” which translates into anguish, affliction, sorrow, pain, or grief.  The Hebrew word for grief here is “ḥălîy” which translates into malady, anxiety, calamity, disease, grief, sickness.

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.  Isaiah 53:4

If Jesus has borne our griefs (sickness) and carried our sorrows (pain), then He has borne all our sickness and carried all our pain as in physically taken them and borne them upon Himself and physically carried them away from us.  This means that we no longer have to bear them or carry them.  He took it all away so we are completely free from them.

If Jesus did that, then why am I still in pain?

Quoting Jesus, after His disciples questioned Him why they could not cast out a demon out of a young boy:

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.  Matthew 17:20

If you did not believe the word you received from the bank that your mortgage had been paid off, you would still be in pain of paying your mortgage every month.  The bank would keep returning your checks to you because their record shows that it is paid in full.  But in your unbelief you keep sending them back to the bank together with your new payment every month because you fear that the word is not true since you did not pay off the mortgage yourself.

To stop the pain of the monthly payments you have to believe that the debt is already paid and that it has been paid in full.  But you also have to act accordingly.  Since the debt is paid, the extra money every month is yours to spend freely.  If you don’t spend it because you fear that the debt may not actually be paid and someday it will catch up to you, then you are not free and are still living in bondage.

To stop the physical pain in your body, you must believe that Jesus has already paid the price for your pain in full and carried it away upon Himself so you no longer have to.  You must cast it out and believe that it is healed and act accordingly by doing what you could not do before, in faith nothing wavering.  Even if you still feel pain.  By doing so you are activating your faith into manifestation and deliverance, refusing to accept anything different.

Who put this pain upon you in the first place?  It cannot be God your Father because He is a loving Father who does not do any harm to His children.  It cannot be Jesus your Savior because He paid with the stripes on His back for you to be free from pain.  It cannot be the Holy Spirit because He is the Comforter, your Helper and the Spirit Who guides you into all truth.  No, God did not put pain or sickness on you to teach you something either.  That is a false man-made doctrine.  If that were true, then God would be working against Himself contrary to His word.

So the only one left is the enemy as we read above, he is the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Now, don’t flatter yourself, it is not Satan Himself who has come to afflict you.  He is not omnipotent or omnipresent.  As a fallen angel, he is limited in his abilities.  You are small potatoes compared to the high level havoc he is wrecking throughout the world unlawfully through rogue powers and principalities.  But he does have legions of demons at his beck and call who do his bidding.  They are all of one evil spirit.

So what are demons, or devils as the King James Version refers to them?  They are disembodied spirits seeking a host.  They do not have access to your spirit which belongs to God.  They want to convince you that they have legitimate access to your body by trying to influence your soul.  They use all kinds of perverted means to program your mind into believing their agenda through means of evil communications such as gossip, slander and untruths.

All you have to do is turn on your television or listen to the radio or just listen to other people talking about sickness and disease.  They will all try to convince you that Jesus’ redemption of sin and sickness by His blood and by His stripes, does not exist and that not one person is exempt from earthly pain or sickness.  Sadly, even many people who profess to be believers are allowing themselves to be misled and as a result, they live in constant unbelief.

How many people run to the doctor at the first sign of any discomfort?  How many people run to get themselves and their children vaccinated out of sheer fear of contracting some imaginary disease, only to discover that the side effects prove to be worse than the disease they tried to prevent?  To date the government vaccine injury fund has paid over 3 billion dollars in injuries that were direct results of vaccine injuries.  History has proven that most of these dread diseases were already destroyed through proper hygiene.  How many people worship organic health food, vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as, daily exercise routines at health club temples when Jesus not once spoke of any of these things and Paul even said that exercise profits little?  They are not bad in and of themselves but they are not to replace our faith in Jesus’ full redemption purchased by His stripes and by His blood.  Paul even confirmed in 1 Timothy 4:5 that all food is sanctified by the word and by our intercession.

A local African pastor was asked how it was that they saw so many healings in their congregation.  His answer was simple but very profound, he said, “That is because we have to believe.  We have no choice.   Unlike America, where you have doctors on every street corner and hospitals in every town you can run to, here we only have Jesus.  And Jesus is all we need.”

Are we guilty of the luxury of not having to trust in our faith in Jesus but can run to a man-made solution at the drop of a hat?

Back to the cause of pain, if demons cause pain, then we can and have every authority to cast it out.  Whether it is one demon or multiple, it does not matter.  It is all the same spirit of infirmity and at the name of Jesus it must flee.

Yes, this spirit is often stubborn and will try to convince you that it does not have to leave or even try to make you believe that it has not left yet when it already has and it is trying to trick you into believing that the false remaining pain it is now inflicting on you is the real pain when the real pain and the cause of it has already left.  Tricky little devils, aren’t they?

Yes, demons can be stubborn but my question to you is: how stubborn are you willing to be to cast them out?  Are you going to give in at the first try and say, oh well, that didn’t work, let me go to the doctor instead.  You just lost because you let the enemy win.  You have to remember that this is warfare.  It is not a game.  In warfare you commit and risk your life.  What makes you think that this is any different?

Why do demons resist so much?  If the enemy loses, they lose their home and have to find a new one.  Disembodied spirits need a host and you are it.  They seek rest and you are disturbing their rest.  They do not like being evicted.  However, they are squatting unlawfully on your property and you must evict them.

This is what your spiritual armor is for: to attack and evict the enemy and to protect from future invasion.

Take action right now.  Point to the pain in your body and say:

“Jesus, I thank You that You love me and that You gave Your back for me so that by Your stripes, I am healed.  And now, you foul spirit of infirmity and pain, I command you to get out NOW! (Speak forcefully from your gut!  Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water)  Leave my body and enter it no more.  ___(Body part)____, I command you to be healed right now in Jesus name.  So be it and no other way!  Body, you work as you were designed.  You line up with the word of God.  You function properly right now and be made whole!  In Jesus name.”

Now stand on it and activate your faith by doing what you could not do before.  Move it around, bend it, twist it, shake it, rub it, and if you still feel any pain whatsoever, push it out by the spirit.  Try to find the pain and keep doing what you could not do before until it is completely gone.

You can even smack it into submission as you can read here.  The key is to stand and to keep standing your ground, not giving any ground back to the enemy for him to be able to continue his assault.  At some point he will have to relent and flee and you will be free.  He has no choice if you will not surrender!

Right now you should either be healed or already have noticed a great improvement and reduction in pain.  You have to realize that any improvement means that the mountain moved.  And if you can move the mountain just one inch, then you can move it all the way.  The fact is that the mountaon moved!  Now stand your ground and just keep up the attack until the mountain is moved all the way.

Do not relent!  Push through!  Do not waver!  Do not give back any ground you have gained and keep pushing forward.  Attack, attack, attack!  You have the victory in Jesus!

I expect a good report.  Be sure to share your testimony below to encourage others as well.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2017

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