All Pain Knocked Out!

Pow.pngWe were at the flea market with Anand, one of our team members, and came across a lady in a wheelchair.

Anand offered to pray for her and she accepted.  She had pain in her knees.  Anand prayed several times for this lady but the demon was stubborn and would not release her from the pain in her legs.  But it had to go.  It had not choice!  

So Anand persisted and after the third time it finally left and she was set free.  This was part of Anand’s first day being “activated”.

Demons don’t like Christian’s being activated and for them to come to the realization that as believers, they have power over all demons in Jesus name.  If they can make you back off into unbelief, then they have won.  But if you persist and do not waver or back down, no matter how long it takes, they have to relent and you win.  It is that simple.

Watch it here:


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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