Instantly Healed, Saved and Baptized

It was a rainy overcast Saturday morning.  All night it had rained, even with lightning and thunderstorms early in the morning.  But we had scheduled an outing to the Meadowlands Flea Market and I was determined to go.

umbrella-dancingintherainOn the way it started pouring buckets.  I commanded the rain to stop by the time I got there.  It was relentless and actually started coming down even heavier.  I looked up and said “That’s okay.  I’ll give you some more time to do what you want as long as you stop by the time I get there.”

As I drove onto the parking lot of the flea market, the rain had died down to a drizzle.  Thank you, Lord!  Well, I was here but not many people were.  Even the vendors were only a handful compared to how many there usually are.  Well, at least I’m here, I thought to myself, Lord, the rest is up to you.  

So I walked around the market a bit and then decided to hang out by the office trailer since it was still drizzling.  There were hardly any visitors at all and none that I could see in need of healing.  So after ten minutes I decided to start heading to the car.  As I was crossing the parking lot, I all of a sudden spotted two ladies heading towards the market.  One of them was walking with a quad cane and an umbrella.

I approached them and said, “Excuse me. I noticed your cane.  I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for you?”  “Yes, you can.” she replied.  I introduce myself and she said her name was Alicia.  “What’s the problem, Alicia?  What can I pray for?” I asked her.  She responded, “I had surgery on my knee and I have screws in there and I had two surgeries on my back.”

“Okay, let’s pray for your knee first.” I said, “Father, I thank you for Alicia.  Thank you that you love her and that you’re going to prove to her right now how much you love her by setting her free of this condition.  Right now in the name of Jesus I command all pain to go and the knee to be restored completely.  I command all metal to dissolve into nothing and for the knee to be completely renewed and made whole.  Okay, now check it out and move it around.”

As she moved it around she started to smile.  “And?” I asked, “Is the pain all gone?”  “Yes.” she said with a great big smile while nodding her head up and down.  “Praise Jesus!  Now let’s do your back.” I said as I put my hand on her back and asked her if this was where it was.  She said, “Yes, it’s my spine.”  I prayed for her back and cancelled all the effects of the surgeries and commanded her back and her spine to be healed and renewed in Jesus name.  “Okay, now move it around and check it out.” I coached her.  She moved her back around and then nodded her head yes with a big smile.

I put both my thumbs up and said, “That’s Jesus for you!  Do you believe in Jesus?” I asked both ladies and both of them said yes, that they believe in Jesus.  “And are you born again?” I asked.  The other lady, whose name was Zulia, responded, “I’m born again but she is not.  She’s Catholic.”

I looked at her and said, “I know exactly what you mean.  I used to be Catholic.  As a matter of fact, I’m still catholic but not Roman anymore.  Catholic means universal and I am part of the universal church of Jesus Christ.  You see, my dad studied to be a Jesuit priest, but he never finished his studies which is a good thing otherwise I would not be speaking with you here today.  I wouldn’t exist.”  They both chuckled.

Then I said, “Let me ask you a question.  If you were the best Catholic in the whole world, so much so, that you actually received a letter from the Pope what a wonderful Catholic you are, when you die, where would you go?”  She looked at me puzzled and said, “Well, only God knows.”  I said, “Not exactly.  According to Catholic doctrine you would go to Purgatory, right?”  “Oh yes, that’s right!” she said.

I looked her straight in the eye and asked her, “Do you want to go to purgatory?”  “Oh, no!” she replied.  I said, “Well there’s something wrong with the Roman Catholic doctrine because if they say that you have to do everything that the Roman Catholic Church commands and yet, even when you do that, you’re still not going to go to heaven but to Purgatory instead to pay for your sins, then what did Jesus die for?  Didn’t Jesus die to pay for all your sins on the cross by the shedding of his blood?  So if Jesus already paid the price for your sins, then why would you have to pay for them again?”

She looked a bit puzzled but said, “Yes, you’re right.”  “That doesn’t make any sense now does it?” I asked her.  She said, “No, it doesn’t.”  I continued, “Did you know that they even changed the Ten Commandments?  That’s not allowed now is it?”  After I explained how they had changed the Ten Commandments (which you can read all about in the posting WHO CHANGED THE TEN COMMANDMENTS?), I also explained that Jesus tells us not to call anyone on earth our father because we have only one Father who is in heaven.  And yet the Catholic church want us to call the head of the Catholic church “Pope” which means papa or father.  They both nodded their heads in agreement.

I further explained, “Jesus didn’t come to set up an institution.  He came to build His church which are his people with nobody in between Him and you.  He is the only mediator between you and God and no one else.  All the other institutions are all man-made.  Do you believe that in heaven there will be a Catholic Division and a Baptist division and a Methodist division?”  “That’s right!” the Zulia responded.  Alicia said that she never really did believe that much in religion but believed more in God.

So I continued, “Even Paul was upset with the believers in the early church when he told them ‘some of you say I am of Paul, some of you say I am of Apollos, some of you say I am of so and so.  What, is Christ divided?’.  So even Paul disagreed with all the divisions that people were creating.  Here, let me show you something.”

I pulled out the Gospel of John and went right to chapter 3 and said, “Now this is the story of Nicodemus who came to Jesus by night who said ‘we know that You are a man come from God for no one can do the miraculous things that You do unless God is with him’.  Jesus ignored him and said ‘verily, verily, I say unto you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God’.  You see, this is what the Catholic church ignores, that you must be born again or you cannot see the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus even repeated it a few lines down where He says ‘unless you are born of water’, which is the word, ‘and of the spirit, you cannot enter into the kingdom’.”

Then I looked at her and said, “Wouldn’t you like to be sure that when you die, the next face that you will see is Jesus?  You see, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  Would you like to pray right now to become born again?”  She agreed and I held her hand as we prayed and right there, she confessed her sins and asked for forgiveness, confessed that Jesus is Lord and that He died and rose again and was now her Lord and Savior.  I congratulated her that she was now born again and in the Kingdom.

Zulia was so excited for her and said that she had been trying to explain this to her friend.  I turned to Alicia and said, “Well we’re not done yet.  There is one more thing before I let you go.  You see it’s the Holy Spirit that leads you into becoming born again.  Just look at today.  I came here not knowing whether anybody would be here and hardly anybody is here.  But you and I are here right now.  So I believe that the Holy Spirit is so concerned about you that He arranged our meeting here today especially just for you.  Just look at how He just healed your knee and your back.”

She smiled and acknowledged by nodding her head up and down.  I said, “Now there’s one more step.  Just like the Holy Spirit baptized you into Jesus, Jesus turns around and baptizes you into the Holy Spirit.”  I turned to Zulie, her friend, and asked her if she had been baptized in the Holy Spirit?  She said, “Oh, yes!”  “Okay,” I continued “what this means is that when you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you will receive the same power that the apostles received on the day of Pentecost when they were all in the upper room together and the Holy Spirit came down on them.  It was at that time that they were endued with power from on high to be able to do the miracles that they did.  Once you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to do the same thing I just did with you and be able to heal other people.  Would you like to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?”

She said that she would.  “Okay, let’s pray.” I said and we prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit right there.  I continued to instruct her, “Now when you go into your prayer closet tonight, you’re going to start feeling something.  What this is, is what Jesus talked about when He said ‘all who come to me out of their belly will flow rivers of living water.’  That’s the Holy Spirit welling up inside of you wanting to speak through your mouth.  When that happens just let it out.  It may sound like baby talk but it’s your own private heavenly language between you and the Father that the enemy cannot hear.  Have you ever had it that you prayed something and the opposite happened?” “Oh ,yes!” she confirmed.  I explained, “Well that’s because the enemy could hear your prayers and come against them.  So now you can switch to the private channel and speak direct to the Father and the enemy can no longer thwart your prayers.”

I told them that I would not keep them any longer and gave them each a Gospel of John and a business card.  I let them know that we teach other people how to do this (healing) and that they were welcome to attend our sessions.  I encouraged them to let me know how things were going and that I would love to hear from them.

I told Alicia that I look forward to seeing her in heaven and asked her if she would bake cookies for me when I come to visit her.  She laughed and said that she will first have to learn how to bake cookies!

Alicia was the only individual I got to pray for that outing but her healing, salvation and Holy Spirit baptism was worth it all to me.  I knew that Zulia was rejoicing for her friend, as were the angels in heaven.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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