Jesus Lifts Woman Out Of Wheelchair

wheelchair-upJason, one of our team members, had joined us at the flea market outreach on Saturday morning.   We came across a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair and approached them explaining that we were ministers and offered to pray for her.

Her name was Jewel and she had had surgery on her left knee.  She said that she was a believer so I asked her,  “Do you believe that Jesus is able to heal you right now?”  “Yes!  I believe that!” she replied.  I offered for Jason to pray for her and he jumped right in.  He placed his hand on her left knee and commanded the pain the get out and for her knee to be completely healed.  

“Now do what you could not do before.” We coached her.  She moved her leg around and said that it felt better but that the pain was usually when she would stand on her leg.  “Do you want to get up and try to walk?” Jason suggested.  We watched as she slowly got up out of her wheelchair and said she could only stand like this.  So I coached Jason to pray and hit it again which he promptly did.

“Check it out.  Do what you couldn’t do before.  Put some weight on it.” I continued to coach her after Jason had prayed for her again.  She held our hands as she took a few steps hesitantly and a bit wobbly.  We commanded her knee work right now and to obey in Jesus name.

“Can you lift it up, move it around?” I asked.  She was able to lift her knee up and move it around.  “There you go!  Praise Jesus!” I encouraged her,  “Praise Jesus!  Put some weight on it.  Try to find the pain.  Try to make it hurt.”

“It’s not hurting.” she replied amazed since she could no longer find any pain in her knee.  “That’s ’cause you’re healed!” I exclaimed, “Jesus has set you free!”  “Oh, my!  Okay!” she replied in amazement.

She asked if we had a telephone number she could have and we told her absolutely.

Jesus took all her pain away and set her free from that wheelchair.  Praise His holy name!

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Franciscus M. Dartee

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