Activating A New Team Member

As exciting as it is to see someone you pray for instantly get healed, it is even more thrilling to see one of your team members perform their very first healing.

Anand, one of our newest team members, joined us for one of our outreaches to a local outdoor flea market.  We approached a young woman who was walking with a cane.  Her name was Isabella and she was there with her husband, her son and her mother.  She said that she had pain in her right leg but mostly in her left foot.  You could see that she was wearing two completely different shoes.

She had gotten an infection in her foot which had progressively gotten worse and was walking around with this for 6 months.  She was scheduled to go to a special clinic in New York to have surgery on her foot.  

I offered that Anand would pray for her.  First he commanded the pain to go out of her right leg and it left immediately.  Then he prayed for her left foot and commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and for her foot to be healed.

We instructed her to do what she could not do before but she hesitated to put any weight on it, afraid that it would hurt.  When we asked her if the pain was gone, she said that she still had some pain in her foot but that it did feel better.

“Well, if we can move I it an inch, then we can move it all the way, right?”  She agreed and Anand prayed again commanding all the pain to go and the foot to be completely made whole.  We coached her once again to do what she could not do before and to put some weight on it.

“I can bend my toes!” She exclaimed while gently pushing her foot down and increasingly putting more and more pressure on it.  “I don’t feel any pain anymore!”

She was already a believer and thanked Jesus for healing her.  She introduced us to her whole family and told us that her son was her miracle child.  She had had several miscarriages and when she fervently prayed to the Lord, He gave her her son.

We asked if she would be willing to share her testimony on video to which she agreed.  You can watch the video of her testimony below.

Her mother was holding her cane while we were praying for Isabella.  She had actually taken it away and told her to try to walk without it.  As they walked away, we realized that she was not using her came.  Instead her mother was carrying it and I don’t believe that she had any intentions of giving it back to her.

Anand was now “activated” and performed many more healings that day.  Once you get your first healing under your belt, the rest are much easier.  You now have a reputation with the enemy that you no longer believe and accept his lies and that as a son of God, you walk in full authority to cast out devils and to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:17-18).

Watch as Isabella declares that her foot is healed from the pain.  She can now put weight on it and believes that she no longer needs surgery.  Praise Jesus!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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