Super Outreach Saturday

We had scheduled an outreach to the flea market for the team on Saturday, September 24th, at the Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ, when one of the team members brought another outreach event to my attention that was also happening the same day in Paterson, NJ.  It was scheduled by several churches and community outreach organizations and was sure to draw a crowd.

Great, I though, we can go to the flea market in the morning and hit this event in the afternoon.  

When we arrived at the flea market, I notice a group of families sitting together eating and talking in Spanish.  I was prepared and had Spanish gospels of John with me.

“You all speak Spanish?  Yes?  Well, I have a gift for you!”  I said as I started handing them out.  They quickly pointed to Juan, who apparently was their pastor.  I introduced myself as a minister and he told me that he had a church in Newark, NJ.  I asked him if I could pray for him and if he had any pain in his body.  He responded yes, that he had back pain.  Seizing the opportunity, I said out loud so all could hear:

“Watch this.  Jesus is going to heal pastor Juan’s back pain right now!”  I prayed and told him to do what he could not do before.  He moved his back and said that all the pain was gone.  They were so excited that next I prayed for Anna whose neck and shoulder pain was instantly healed and then for Louis who had a wrist brace and who was also instantly healed.  He took off the wrist brace to prove it.

Then we bumped into Francine and her friend Daniel who recognized me that I had prayed for her at Walmart.  She said that her leg has been fine since.  Daniel however, was walking with a cane and had a back brace.  As I laid my hand on his back and prayed over him, he said that he felt that something went away and all his pain was instantly healed.

Next we met Fermine who also wore a back brace and walked with a cane.  It took praying over him six times but the pain finally left him and he was healed.

We offered to pray for a Spanish speaking lady with a cane but she had to go to the baño (bathroom) badly and could not stop.  So we laid a hand on her shoulder in passing and said, “Be healed in Jesus name.” and she was off.

Then we met Rose who was walking and carrying a folded up walker in her hand.  I asked her if she was using the walker and she said, no, it was for her mother who could not walk.  I asked if her mother was here so I could pray for her and she said no, that she was at home.  “No problem.” I said, “Just hold on to this business card and we will infuse it with the power of the Holy Spirit so that as soon as she touches it, she will be healed.”  “Really?” Rosa responded with big eyes .  We prayed over the card and told her to give it to her mother and instruct her to do what she could not do before and she will be made whole.  She was catholic and we were able to lead her into praying to become born again and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We sent her off with a gospel of John to read and encouraged her to call us any time.

Next we met Lou who was walking with a walking stick and had bone spurs in his left foot.  We prayed 3 times but he said that it wasn’t working.  I told him to give it some time for the Holy Spirit to do His operation.  I gave him my card told him I expect a good report.

The next person we met was a Spanish lady on crutches with a flat boot who had had an accident on her right foot.  We prayed and all the pain left instantly.

We then prayed for Joanne who was walking with a walker and severe arthritis deformation of her knuckles.  We commanded it all be healed in Jesus name.

We met Carlos who was pushing his wife Maria in a wheelchair.  She had diabetes and pain in her front abdomen and in her back and he had prostate problems. We prayed and both were instantly healed of all their pain.

Then we bumped into Chris who was pushing his wife Diane in a wheelchair.  She had just had surgery on her left knee.  We prayed for it and told her do what she couldn’t do before.  As she was saying that she couldn’t move it, she moved it and discovered to her surprise that she could move it.  She then proceeded to lift and move her leg all the way out and up.  I told her by tonight it will be completely healed.

Augustina was in a wheelchair and her daughter was pushing her.  She spoke Spanish but her daughter spoke English and explained that her mother had pain in her knees.  We  commanded the pain to go and then immediately it left her.  She was so thankful, her eyes welled up with tears of joy.

It was time to leave and head on over to the Paterson Fest where we immediately met two ladies sitting on the front row and both with canes.  Florene was 95 and was instantly healed of her pain.  Brenda had pain in her back and knees and was instantly healed as well.

Then we saw a young man with dreads struggling with a cane and a knee brace.  He said he had had an accident.  We prayed and he was instantly healed of all of his pain.

Next we met Bridget and Mary who were sisters.  Bridget was walking with a cane and suffered from epilepsy.  The pain in her neck and her back went from a 10 to a 0 after we prayed with her a few times.  She had had had surgery on her ear and could not hear.  Her leg was also out of line.  We prayed for all of it to be completely healed.  Mary had pain in her left shoulder and her back and her leg.  We activated Bridget to pray for her and she was healed.  We told them they could minister healing to each other and to other people now.

That evening, we were invited to come to a small meeting of believers.  There we met and prayed for Larry who had pain in his knees and was instantly healed after prayer.  We also met and prayed for Sage who had diabetes, heart issues, anxiety, a shoulder micro tear, and memory issues.  We prayed for all of it and saw his shoulder instantly healed to where he was able to move it freely.  He said he felt much better and felt a peace he hadn’t felt before.  I told him that when he checks his sugar in the morning it will be completely normalized.  I asked him a bible verse I had mentioned earlier and he was able to instantly recall and recite it.

It was a Super Outreach Saturday!  Over 20 people were instantly healed, one person was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit and one person was activated in healing.  Jesus was glorified and many works of the enemy had been destroyed.  Praise Jesus!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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