Back And Hip Pain Instantly Healed

back-painAfter ministering music to the folks at the Dover Mission, one of the workers came to get me, saying  that one of the guys needed prayer for healing for pain in his back and hips.

No problem, I thought, it is always a wonderful opportunity to stretch forth God’s hand for healing and that signs and wonders will occur in the name of His holy Son Jesus (Acts 4:30).

I followed her and she introduced me to Dennis.  I asked him what I could pray for and he told me that he had pain in his back and in both of his hips.  “Okay.  Let’s pray.” I said as I placed my hand on his back, “Father I thank You for Dennis and Jesus, I thank You that You love him and that You are going to prove to him right now how much You love him by setting him free of this condition.”  

“Spirit of infirmity, in Jesus name I command you leave this body NOW!  All pain be gone out of this back and out of these hips right now.  Back be healed.  Hips be healed.  Body be completely made whole in Jesus name.  So be it!  Now check it out.  Move your back like you’re doing the twist.  Now touch your toes.  Try to find the pain.”

He twisted his back and touched his toes and came back up smiling. “It feels much better?” He said.  I asked “is the pain all gone?” I inquired.  He kept twisting his back and said “There’s still a little bit of pain in my back.”  “Are the hips okay?” I asked.  “Yes, they’re good.” he replied, “It’s just a little bit in my back still.”

“Okay.” I responded, “Let’s hit it one more time.”  I placed my hand on his back again and commanded, “Pain, you heard the word, now obey.  Get out NOW!  Back be completely healed in Jesus name.  So be it!  Now touch your toes again.”

He bent down and came back up with a big smile.  “Is it all gone?” I asked.  “Yeah, it’s all gone!” He said excited, “Thank you.”  I just smiled and told him, “It’s Jesus who did it.”

I bowed out and let the worker continue to minister to him.  As I walked back to pack up my gear, I was praising Jesus and thanking Him for healing Dennis.  Then I realized I never asked him if he was born again.  Man, did I just blow an opportunity?  Now I was a bit concerned.

On my way out, I asked the worker and she confirmed that yes, he was born again.

Praise Jesus!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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