Muslims Meet Jesus Up Close And Personal

My daughter, Jamie, started a conversation with a Muslim mother and daughter we met at a flea market.  She tried to share Jesus with both of them but the conversation was not going anywhere.  Debating just led to them digging their heels in deeper and they were not willing to give an inch.  I joined in the conversation.

“Do you believe that all the prophets in the Qur’an speak the truth?”

“Yes, of course.”For Muslims who seek...

“Do you believe that Jesus was a prophet?”

“Yes, we do.”

“So then you believe that everything Jesus said was the truth?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Well, Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but through me.”  Do you believe that?”

“It does not say that in the Qur’an.”

Ugh!  Etc, etc, etc.  

But the more they confirmed their position, nevertheless they did not walk away nor did they make any attempt to end the discussion which only signaled their further curiosity of the plain truth we were sharing with them.  They were being very nice, even sweet, in their defensiveness to confirm their beliefs (more to themselves actually than to us) and we reciprocated in kind and spoke the truth in love.  This did build a rapport with them to allow us to pray for them and to prove to them that Jesus not only can but will heal them regardless of what they believe or not.

When we shared with them that we had been praying for several people and getting them healed in Jesus name, they of course would not believe it and they challenged us “Show us that what you say is true.  We will walk with you.”

This led Jamie to ask them if they had any pain in their bodies.  The mom said that she had back pain and sciatica.  We borrowed a chair from one of the vendors and Jamie asked the mom to sit down.  She explained that she was going to check her legs to see if they were even and told her that one leg was shorter than the other by almost a whole inch.  The mom said her hip hurt and that she knew that her left leg was shorter than the other.  She told us: “I have one hip that is down one inch.  I know it. I know it.”  The daughter even confirmed that her mom had a dislocated hip.

Then Jamie proved to both of them that Jesus is Lord by commanding her back and her hip to be healed and grew out her shorter leg until it was even with the other.  “Now tell me, whose name did I pray in?” Jamie asked her.  “I’m not pushing, I’m not pulling, I’m not tricking you.  Now they’re the same right?”

The daughter who observed this closely was not willing to acknowledge that her mom’s leg had actually grown out even though she saw it with her own eyes.  Jamie asked if she saw it.  She replied “I don’t want to disrespect anyone but I just don’t believe it.”  I asked her: “Now do you believe that Jesus healed your mother?”  Her response: “Well, if that is what you want to believe.”  “Didn’t you just see it with your own eyes?  Don’t you believe your own eyes?” I asked.

I  even replayed the video to her to show her the before and after difference which was significant but she still she did not want to admit to anything.  You could tell that everything within her was resisting and did not want to admit what she had been taught against her whole life.

I turned to the mother and pleaded with them both “Jesus is trying to show you and tell you that He loves you!”  The mother bowed her head a little bit to the side and said softly, “I know that Jesus loves me.”  At that moment we knew that the battle had been won for the mom’s heart.

Then Jamie sat the daughter down and showed her that her one leg was shorter than the other by about half an inch and proceeded to make them even.  You can hear her trying to reason with the daughter in the video.  Jamie also asked her if she could feel it in her leg and she remained silent not wanting to admit to anything.

Jamie told her: “I know that this is tough to believe after everything but I encourage you strongly and ask you to look into believing what Jesus said is true.  I cannot do this on my own.  It’s just Him who does this.”

When she got up I asked her “Now do you believe that Jesus just grew out your leg?”  She responded, “If you can make me 6 feet tall, then I will believe.”

Flabbergasted I replied, “So now you are bargaining with Jesus?  If you are not willing to believe that He just grew your leg out by half an inch, then even if He made you 6 feet tall, you still would not believe.”  She looked away shyly.  The battle was already won.  Now it was between her and Jesus to be willing to admit and surrender.

They each accepted a gospel of John, which they had refused earlier, and Jamie gave them both her contact information to stay in touch.  We hugged them and told them that Jesus loved them and that we loved them too.

Jesus personally touched and healed both of them that day and they can never deny that.  They now carry the proof of Jesus imprint on their lives in their bodies.

Here is the video of the mom’s healing:

And is here is the video of the daughter’s healing:

Who is Isa al Masih, the man in white?


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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