You Are Already Healed

If you are sick or have some ailment or affliction, or even pain of any kind, and wondering if God is willing to heal you, I have some exciting news for you.  

Not only is God willing to heal you, He already has.  

That’s right.  It’s already done.

If God was not willing to heal, would He have sent His Son for His body to be broken for you (Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, 1 Corinthians 11:24), to give His back to the smiters (Isaiah 50:6), to be whipped at the whipping post (Mark 15:15) so bad that the stripes in both Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24 are singular in both Hebrew and Greek?  IOW: He was whipped so bad that they ripped all of the skin off of His back so it appeared as one solid stripe.  Check it out and you will see that it literally says by His “stripe” we are healed in both the OT and NT confirming both.

Question for you: Did Jesus pay the price in full for your healing?  If yes, then does He not deserve to get what He paid for and all of it?  

You see, it has nothing to do with whether you feel worthy to be healed, or whether you pray hard or long enough to be heard or whether you have sinned or not (James 5:15, healing comes first and then forgiveness), none of this has anything to do with the fact that Jesus already paid the price for your healing and He deserves to get what He paid for.

It would be an insult to our Father to even doubt that He would not be willing to heal which is not even a relevant consideration because whether He is willing or not, He already accomplished healing through His Son who paid the price for it and there are no refunds or reversing what has already been done.  

Therefor people begging God for healing is not going to happen.  He is not going to send Jesus down from heaven a second time to be whipped and have the skin ripped off of His back again just for them to be healed when Jesus already paid the price for healing in full.  Once for all.

By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.  Hebrews 10:10

 Jesus Himself said: “It is finished.” (John 19:30).

God has determined and has now set it as a law just as that the sun comes up and goes down and that the sea will not exceed its boundaries, that both healing and salvation is accomplished by the name of Jesus and through faith in His name and no other way.  

And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.  Acts 3:16

Healing is the same as salvation, once and done.  Once they understand, do people doubt whether God is willing to save them by the price Jesus paid for them on the cross?  Of course not!  So why would they even question whether God is willing to heal them by the price Jesus paid at the whipping post?  The NT Greek word “sozo” is used interchangeably as both “healed” and “saved”.  The NT Greek word “diasozo” means “made whole”.  Healing is just as much part of the atonement as salvation and may not be separated. 

As such, just like salvation, it is no longer up to God, it is now up to us.  He gave us the power to become the sons of God, right (John 1:12)?  So now we have the responsibility to walk like sons and not like victims of the enemy from whom all oppression comes (John 10:10, Acts 10:38).  

Jesus literally gave us authority over the enemy (Luke 10:19) and to act just like Him in the earth and do the same works that He did and even greater (John 14:12).

Now, having established God’s willingness to heal beyond any shadow of doubt, there are only 2 possible hindrances to you receiving your healing:

      1. The enemy
      2. Your unbelief

That’s it.  There are no other variables possible except maybe a combination of these two.

So, stop begging God to heal you.  Your beef is not with Him but with the enemy denying you or with yourself if you are in unbelief.

Instead, command your healing in Jesus name.  You see the difference?  Do not speak to God about the problem but speak to the problem about God.  

We no longer beg God to do what He has already done (1 Peter 2:24).  That is OT and is unbelief. 

Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second.  Hebrews 10:9

This is Jesus taking away the first sacrifice of the OT that He may establish the second sacrifice of Himself in the NT.  He took away the old covenant to establish the new covenant.

We also do not ask Him to do what He has specifically instructed us to do (Mark 16:17-18) and has empowered us to be able to do (Luke 10:19) and even expects us to do in the name of His Son (John 14:12).  That is ignorance. 

We are literally stretching forth the Father’s hand for healing and that signs and wonders come to pass in the name of His Son Jesus (Acts 4:30).

If your faith is not there yet, find a disciple who will use his faith to accomplish this in you until you have established your own faith to do so by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) and the spirit of your mind (Ephesians 4:23) which is your attitude.  I call it a “can do all things” attitude (Philippians 4:13).

I am no one special.  But I know who I am in Christ.  It is the Holy Spirit in me that is the helper alongside to do His operation.  But He is not the minister.  We are the ministers and He is the helper.  How else would we exercise our faith?  Father has not given this ministry to angels or anyone else but to us.

Once you have established your faith, you can in turn disciple others in accordance with Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:17-18.  They in turn can do the same and keep it going.  On this website we have a saying that “We disciple disciples who disciple disciples.”

Here are 2 back to back testimonies by a couple who for 9 years sought healing.  They had to lay down their pastoral duties because of their several disabilities.  They called me out of pure desperation to give me “one last chance” or they were going to buy a $12,500 machine.  They had been prayed for by everyone you can imagine and nothing manifested until they realized that they did not need to seek their healing because by His stripes, they were already healed.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

Finally Healed!

Follow Up to Finally Healed!

Start exercising your faith.  Begin with these instructions:

The ABC’s Of Healing

Then use these Healing Declarations to stand on your healing by your confession:

Healing Declarations

I expect a great report!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power

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