Just Say No!

I came across a posting by Linda, a reader of RMN (Rumor Mill News) an aggregator of current alternative media news articles.

Linda was responding to a news article about diseases and disorders with some profound observations I found so surprisingly compelling, I wanted to share them along with some added comments.

This post hits the nail on the head regarding never accepting or owning any disease or disorder since they are not yours to begin with. 

However, she is obviously not a born again believer and is coming from a “directing healing energies” new age point of view, but she knows beyond a doubt that any affliction is a direct attack.  Too bad that she does not know the name of the attacker or the name that will defeat the attacker every time. 

It’s a shame though that she knows more about speaking to the affliction and how to resist any disease or disorder by not accepting or owning it than the average Christian. 

Her best line:

“Why are we so vulnerable to affliction? Because we give the attacker permission to afflict us by identifying with the affliction.”

I have posted her article in full and added my comments in between.  The link to the entire article is at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Reader Linda sent the following comments:

I have some input on this. First, people have the choice to say no to all of this. We have the power to defeat most anything thrown at us short of WMDs.

That’s right.  Just say no!  The line made famous by Nancy Reagan when asked what she would suggest young people do when offered drugs.  How did we ever come to believe that we have to accept anything forced upon us that we do not want?  We not only have the power to say NO! but have also been given the power to defeat it (Luke 10:19, Mark 16:17&18, John 14:12).

When it comes to disease, the following is something I came to realize almost 30 years ago when I began working with directing healing energies:

Why bother with trying to somehow direct healing energies when you can direct the greatest healing energy in all the universe of the name of Jesus and through faith in that name (Acts 3:16) right at the problem?

Affliction: A state of pain, distress, or grief; misery; a cause of mental or bodily pain, as sickness, loss, calamity, or persecution. To be afflicted is to be attacked, assaulted.

Agreed. But who is doing the afflicting and assaulting?

Attack: the act of attacking; onslaught; assault.

Agreed.  But who is the attacker?  What is his name?  It is not the disease that is the attacker.  The disease is just the weapon being used to attack with.  Satan, the devil, and his demons are the attackers who afflict and oppress with disease and sickness.  They are the oppressors of mankind. Why?  Because Satan hates God.  Then why does he afflict us?  Because you were made in God’s image.  His goal is to afflict you, so that you will blame God for your affliction and lose hope and your faith in God and be lost.

Why are we so vulnerable to affliction? Because we give the attacker permission to afflict us by identifying with the affliction.

Bingo!  Right on the money.  When the enemy attacks us, we don’t see or blame him as the attacker but instead we identify with the affliction hereby accepting it and making it our own.  Kind of like a Stockholm syndrome where the victim protects the abuser by identifying with them in the desperate hope of self preservation and that it may somehow prevent the affliction from being made worse.  How often do you hear someone say “my cancer treatments make me weak and nauseous, my arthritis is flaring up, I need to keep my diabetes under control, my back pain kept me up all night, my cataracts are getting worse, etc., etc., etc.  It has gotten so bad that many people so identity with their illness that it actually becomes part of them and forms their identity. Their life revolves around “their” illness.  They own it as much as it owns them.  They even start depending on it for the attention they would otherwise not receive without it.

How is permission granted? By words, our direct communication with our natural defenses. By stating that “I HAVE” or “I AM”, one gives the affliction permission.

Exactly!  What you say is what you get. Your body has a brain but it does not have a mind of its own.  Aside from some preprogrammed autonomous functions such as heartbeat, blood flow, digestion, breathing while you sleep, blinking without thinking, etc., your body takes its orders directly from you. It believes and obeys exactly what you tell it to do whether consciously or not.

A woman went to the doctor because she was constantly running a fever.  After many tests and examinations, he concluded that their was absolutely nothing wrong with her that he could diagnose.  When he explained this to her and that there was nothing he could do about her condition, she exclaimed “Well that just burns me up!”  The doctor leaned forward and asked her “What did you just say?” She replied “Well that just burns me up!  That’s my favorite saying.  I must say that at least 20 or 30 times a day.” The doctor looked at her and said “Stop saying that.  As a matter of fact, I want you to not say that anymore for a whole week and then come and see me again next week.”  She agreed and when she came back the following week, she was happy to report that the fever was gone.  She had been convincing her body the whole time that it was burning up and her body obeyed her commands.

This also happens the moment an individual states “I have (name of disease), or I am sick or disabled, or I feel the flu coming on.  Is this just mind over matter?  No, it is you programming your body. If you go online and order 100 of something instead of just 1, you will get 100 of the item delivered to your door. You can say all you want that it was not what you wanted, but it is still exactly what you ordered.  So stop saying with your words what you don’t want and only say with your words what you do want.  Mind your speech for out of it are the issues of life that directly and indirectly affect you.

You are stating that you are taking the affliction on as part of yourself, thereby disengaging the immune system.

Do you hear that?  When you say with your mouth that you have a certain disease or that you are sick, your body is listening to what you are saying and agrees with you.  It does not fight you. It can’t.  It has no mind of its own, remember?  So if you have accepted this illness or disease as being yours, your body promptly obeys and lowers its defenses to accept the affliction even to its own hurt.  Like a Trojan horse.

Instead, speak to the mountain.  In this case the affliction.  Tell it what you want it to do.  Accept nothing less than your command to be obeyed and your body healed and made whole in Jesus name.

Doctors tell you that you “have” a disease or disorder. You believe them. WHY? You don’t have to have anything you don’t want.

Why do you believe the doctor?  Or any doctor for that matter?  Just because he has a white coat on and MD behind his name.  How many doctors misdiagnose patients?  So many that maybe the MD really stands for MisDiagnose?  You need to realize that a doctor is a salesman and a businessman with many expenses and a huge overhead consisting of office, staff and lifestyle maintenance that all needs to get paid by you and your insurance company.  He is not trained in curing anything but only in suppressing symptoms with allopathic pharmaceuticals. Many get paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs on you.  Especially vaccines.  Talk about a drug dealer! 

They need your diagnosis more than you do to keep their operation running and have a vested interest, or rather a conflict of interest, in making sure that you are diagnosed with something so that you can be prescribed something.  When was the last time a doctor said that what you had was nothing to worry about and to just get some extra sleep and eat some more fruits and vegetables and get some more exercise and sent you home without a prescription? 

The truth is that doctors cannot cure anything.  Only the body can cure itself naturally and any medication will only suppress the symptoms so that you take your mind off of it and give it the opportunity to do so.  This is why placebos are many times even more effective than actual medication.  Whatever you place your faith in will work.  According to your faith so be it unto you.  Jesus’ words, not mine.

Since when do you have to accept anything a doctor is telling you.  After all, he is only a man who is practicing on you.  He has no clue what he is talking about.  Does he know the root cause of illness which is the enemy?  Does he know how to cast out the spirit of infirmity?  Does he know how to lay hands and make you recover?  When was the last time that he said “Well let’s pray and cast it out and you will be healed.”  I rest my case.

The only reasons people run to the doctor and believe every word they say is because of … fear and relief.  They seek relief of their affliction but they fear beyond anything else that if they don’t, it will get worse and they could die.  Only trust in the doctor and in his medications will (partially) assuage their fears. They fear so much that they are afraid to live without their witch doctor and their potions. 

The word pharmaceuticals literally means witchcraft in Greek (pharmakeia).  If pharmaceuticals are witchcraft, then what does taking pharmaceuticals to relieve or cast off afflictions imply?  How does one reconcile this with Galatians 5:19-21 as a manifest work of the flesh, as Paul states, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God?  Practicing the arts of witchcraft is what is primarily referred to here as well as in the OT but why would any believer want to partake in any part of this practice?

Fear not for if this was done in ignorance there is instant healing and forgiveness (James 5:15).  Yes, seek healing but if you are on medication, do not stop taking it unless you know and are convicted  beyond any doubt that you are healed and your body no longer needs it.  If so, then your body will have an adverse reaction if it is continued.  Keep in mind that you have made your body dependent on this medicine and instant withdrawal could be detrimental if not fatal.  Those who are instantly healed will know it beyond any doubt and feel it In their body just like the woman with the issue of blood who felt that the fountain of her blood had dried up.  Others have weened themselves off of it by diminishing the dosage steadily until their body is no longer dependent on it. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. For medical advice, consult your physician.

Jesus took away our fear of death.  Only He is the Great Physician.  It is when all the doctors and specialists have finally given up on them and sent their victim home to die, that all of a sudden they can run to God for a miracle to heal them.  Because the world that they had so believed in and so put all their hope and trust in has rejected them and has suddenly come crashing down on them and now they have no other choice, God becomes their desperate option of last resort.  How do you think that makes God feel?  Why not seek Him first and spare yourself all the pain, grief and aggravation caused by these amateurs who when they are done practicing on you, will only cast you aside for the next victim.  Honor Jesus and run to Him first.  He will honor your faith and answer you quickly but He will just as quick dishonor your unbelief (Mark 11:24, James 1:6-8)

In truth you are being ATTACKED by a disease or disorder. Say NO! Keep repeating to yourself that you are being attacked by whatever the infliction is. Say, “(affliction) is NOT mine”.

No, you are being attacked by the enemy who is afflicting you with the disease or disorder.  Say a big fat no to him by casting him out.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7). Yes, keep resisting him and tell him to keep his garbage and to get out in Jesus name and enter no more and let the door hit you on the way out and stay out.  You can yell at him all you want.  You were given authority over him (Luke 10:19).

Activate your psychic and physical defenses. Support you defenses from both the inside and outside. This is the only way to beat the attackers.

No, activate your faith in Jesus and in His name and your faith will activate your spiritual and natural defenses.  This is the only way to overcome the enemy who is attacking you.  These signs shall follow the believers. In my name they shall cast out devils, pick up serpents (demons, to cast them away), lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Mark 16:17-18).

Many people with chronic diseases, over time, become emotionally attached to the disease. They build their entire persona around that disease. It becomes their life’s mission to eradicate it. Or their entire social structure revolves around the attention they get from “having the disease/disorder”. The attacker has now taken over the person. Healing energies are now blocked. The immune system accepts the affliction as part of the body.

We addressed most of this already above.  However, it is the enemy who has now taken over the body.  Healing is now blocked because they do not believe they have the power to overcome the affliction. They have surrendered to the enemy and have accepted the affliction as part of their lot and their immune system complies with the will of the individual.

To stay healthy, always take the perspective that diseases and disorders are attackers. NEVER, EVER OWN THEM! Otherwise, they will own you.



Link to the original posting.

To stay healthy, stay hidden in Christ so the enemy cannot find you to attack you.  If you are attacked, realize that it is the thief who comes to steal and to kill and to destroy but that Jesus came to give you life and that more abundantly (John 10:10).  As a believer, you cannot own any sickness anymore since Jesus took our infirmities and bore the sicknesses.  They are no longer our sicknesses. 

Most bibles mistranslate this verse in Matthew 8:17 by printing it as “our” sicknesses.  This word is the word “the” in the Greek and not “our”.  Matthew corrected Isaiah’s prophecy from Isaiah 53 and updated it to “the” sicknesses because Jesus had already paid for them and had already born them for us so we no longer have to bear them.  If Jesus took them upon Himself, then how dare we claim them as our own?

Franciscus M. Dartee

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