How To Turn Your Healing Ministry Around

jesus-healingAre you actively praying for people to be healed but just not seeing results?  Or not seeing enough instant healing results?  Are you starting to question why it seems to be working for everyone else but not for you?

Have no fear.  I was there once.  Keep reading to learn how I personally overcame this and started seeing instant healings almost every single time.  

When I first learned about healing, I was determined to learn it for myself.  If Jesus in John 14:12 told us to do the works that He did and even greater works, than who was I to dare to question it.  I also believed that if these were His instructions, then He would not tell us to do something that He did not empower us to be able to do.

I forced myself to start approaching people I saw who were in obvious need of healing and offered to pray for them.  I was surprised at the level of acceptance by people who wanted me to pray for them.  Of course there are always a few bad apples who try to bark you away with knee jerk reactions like “Pray for yourself!”, but the majority will accept your offer with many people who are extremely grateful that you would even consider praying for them.

My standard approach for the longest time was: “Excuse me.  I noticed your cane, crutch, wheelchair, etc..  I’m a minister and I pray for people.  Can I pray for you?”  God has anointed all of us as believers to be ministers for Him.  People readily accept this level of authority to allow you to pray for them.

As such, I discovered no limit of people to pray for but I was not seeing any instant results when I did.  I kept pursuing ministering to people for more than a year and must have prayed for more than one hundred people before I saw any instant results.  I pleaded with God that I needed to see some results if I was to continue.  Well, I discovered that it wasn’t Him that was hindering me, but me myself.  I wasn’t really praying in faith but in fear that if nothing would happen, I thought it would make Jesus look bad.  But the real fear was that it would make me look bad that I didn’t have enough faith to get the job done.

I devoured the teachings and must have listened to complete Divine Healing Technician sessions more than 10 times as well as just about every healing teaching ever put out.  Here are the main key things that I changed and started applying that led me to start to see more and more instant results:

  • I started praying in total faith regardless of what I saw or didn’t see.  If I laid hands, I did my part, the rest was up to Him.
  • I would blank my mind while ministering healing since the carnal mind is enmity towards God and so that the Holy Spirit could flow and do His operation.
  • I started approaching people and saying “Excuse me.  I noticed your (whatever their situation was, i.e. cane, wheelchair, crutches, etc.). I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for you?”
  • I would introduce myself and get their name and say “Father I thank you for (name) and Jesus, I thank you that you love (name) and that you are going to prove to him/her right now how much you love them by setting them free of this condition.”
  • The bolder you are the better!  Now I’ll even say “Want to see something cool?  Watch this!”  Especially if there are more people gathering around.  I will tell them what is going to happen “Jesus is going to heal his (condition) and set him free.  Watch this!.” In Malachi God says “Prove me now herewith” where God challenges men to prove Him regarding tithing.  We can apply the same principle to healing.
  • I shortened my prayers.  Sounds funny but I found more often than not the shorter the prayer the less time I have to think anything at all that could cause any doubt.  It also takes the demons by surprise.  And I want to rush to get to the next part.
  • I started asking them to “Check it out and do what you could not do before.”  This is faith in action.  The lame man was not healed when Peter prayed but only once Peter pulled him up and then strength returned to his ankles.  Go and read the story in Acts.
  • I started seeing instant results, many times complete but also incomplete where the pain diminished but was still there.  Instead of wishing them well and to have a good day, telling them that it will get better, I started saying “If we can move it a bit then we can move it all the way, right?” and get them to agree to pray again.
  • If they hesitate I ask them, “Look, did the mountain move?  Then this is the proof that it is working.  And if the mountain moved just one inch then we can move it all the way, right?”
  • Many times now I don’t even hesitate and just move right in and pray again but now from an authoritative point of view like “You foul spirit of (name of condition), you heard the word, now obey and bow your knee to Jesus and get out NOW and do not return”  “Now check it again.  Try to find the pain.”
  • Checking it out and doing what they could not do before is probably the biggest difference between seeing results and not seeing results.  You are actually getting them to put their faith into action, even if they are not believers.  I’ve had people who were perfect strangers on the street swinging their hips, touching their toes and dancing around like little kids that would not even think of doing any such thing if anyone else had asked them.
  • I learned to keep going until it is done and they are set free or until they do not wish to continue.   If I have invoked the name of Jesus, it has to obey!  So be it and no other way!  I prayed for one man 7 times before he saw instantaneous deliverance.  What if I had stopped at 6 times?

What is the quickest way to get activated in healing?  Go out with a believer who is walking in power and ask them to get you activated.  Here is how it works: They will approach a person with a need for healing and once they accept, they will ask you to lay hands and pray for them.  If you don’t know what to say, they will prompt you and you can simply repeat it as you apply it to the person you are ministering to.  After seeing a few people getting healed instantly by your laying on of hands and your praying for them, your faith will arise, your mind will be renewed and especially the spirit of your mind will be renewed to the fact that yes, you can effectuate healing by stretching forth your hand for healing that sign and wonders will be done in the name of Jesus!

I wish I had had someone locally that could have gotten me activated when I first started and that I would not have had to go through so many people without seeing any instant results.  But I do believe it has made me more determined than ever to offer it to as many people as I come across that need it and I now treasure this precious gift that the Lord has given all of us as a grace effect of having the Holy Spirit which is available to all believers and not a special gift to just a few elect.  It operates by pure faith.  You don’t need faith to operate a gift.

If you are a believer, then you have the authority in the name of Jesus to do His works.  If you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then you are empowered from on high to do the same works the disciples did.  All that remains is to show your faith by your works.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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2 thoughts on “How To Turn Your Healing Ministry Around”

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your story that brought you to where you are today. I too trust that at some point I will walk in the same gifting. I appreciate Curry’s comments re having a mustard sized seed of faith. I always thought I didn’t have enough faith. Ha, I know better. I know it is not our Yeshua/Jesus it is me. I have prayed for myself and others and have yet to see healing. I will continue to lay hands and trust it will come as the healing is already there. I recently found your site and thank you for its content. I will not go to a doctor. Instead I wait upon the Lord. I have purchased and intend to go through Curry’s Divine Healing Technician Training DVD’s and manual. I ask Yah to bless you and your ministry. Thank you.


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