Woman Instantly Healed Of Back Pain

We were at the flea market with new team members Gabe and Liesl, when a woman saw us healing somebody else and could not resist to approach us.

“Can you pray for me?” she asked.  “Of course!” Gabe answered her, “What’s can I pray for?”  She said that her back was in a lot of pain and you could just tell that she was in pain and having a hard time walking straight.  

Gabe and Liesl laid hands on her back and commanded the pain to leave and for her back to be healed.  She said it felt a lot better and Gabe asked her if there was any pain left.  When she said that there was just a little bit left, he prayed one more time and knocked it out completely.

She confirmed that the pain was all gone and started praising Jesus.   At that moment a lady pastor, who had been watching all of this, approached us, curious what we were doing.  We explained that we were out here ministering to people and had already seen many people instantly healed today.

She said that she pastors a church in Jersey City and we offered to come and minister at her church if she would like to invite us.  She took our business card and said that she now had our information and would let us know.

You can see it all on video here:


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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