Jesus Heals Arthritis

It was Liesl and Gabe’s first person they approached at the flea market who was in a wheelchair.  Her name was Owelda and she shared with them that she had pain in her legs from arthritis.

Gabe told her: “We’re going to talk to your pain. We’re going to talk to your arthritis and cast it out and we’re going to believe and we’re going to pray that Jesus will take it out and you will know, you will notice that the pain has gone away.  What do you think about that?”  

Liesl asked her “In your body, Owelda, where do you have pain?”  “In my legs.” she answered.  “Okay. It’s about to go.” Gabe confirmed, “It’s all about to leave.”

Gabe began to pray, “Here we go.  Father, we thank you for Owelda.  We thank you for her precious life.  This arthritis, get out now!  Every last pain.  One hundred percent come out right now.  We pray it in Jesus name in faith.  Father, we thank you.  Whatever spirit this is, arthritic spirit, come out of her.  You have no place here.  All pain come out.  Joints be restored.  Inflammation, go!  Be healed right now.  In Jesus name.  In the mighty, mighty name of our precious Savior.  He loves you so much and you know it.  All of it come out.  You have to leave.  Okay, feel for the pain, sweetie.  Is there any pain?”

She confirmed that the pain was a bit less.  Liesl asked her to move her feet.  She said she could walk but it was very hard.

Gabe then had their little daughter lay hands on her knee and pray for her as well.

“How does it feel?  Any different?” Liesl asked her.  “Yeah.  A little bit.” She responded as she rubbed her leg smiling.  Liesl assured her the healing would continue until she was completely healed and later on to just give Him all the glory.

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Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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