Growing Out a Leg

Carla, a new Divine Healing Technician, called me and asked if she and her team could meet up to go out to minister healing together.

So we scheduled a date and met up at a Walmart.

I always like to ask if anyone on the team needs healing before we start ministering to others because once they instantly receive healing themselves, they are confirmed believers and ready to set the world on fire.

Sure enough, Andrea said that her one leg was shorter than the other.

Andrea’s left leg was 3/4 of an inch shorter than her right leg and she could not properly do her ballet because of it.  Carla ministered healing to her and commanded her left leg to grow out to the same length as the right leg. Andrea said she felt heat as her leg was growing out.

Watch it happen here:

We checked Andrea’s leg 1 hour later.  She said that she felt something in her hip while she was walking which was the Holy Spirit doing His operation on her hip to line it up in adjustment to the new length of her leg.

Watch her testimony here:

In the video she says that she feels wonderful and that “hopefully the growing pain will go away” as she rubs the top part of her leg.  It was not really pain but more of a discomfort as her leg was adjusting to its new length which we know will disappear once the Holy Spirit has fully completed restoring her leg to its new full size and adjusting the hip and any other part of her leg to match.

No physician in the world could perform such an operation so quickly, so delicately and so flawlessly except the Great Physician! Praise Jesus!


PS: Here is Andrea’s Andrea’s follow up testimony:

Tue, Jan 14, 4:06 PM  

Comment: Ty Frank for all the time you spent with me today @ Walmart. I learned so much & feel fan tas tic!!!

My left leg has been shorter than my right for many years, resulting in some hip & groin pain as well as in an imbalanced gait.  In the past I would put a lift in the heel of my left shoe to compensate…but never really got the desired result…that was THEN, but NOW my left leg is completely EVEN with my right!Sister Carla and Brother Frank ministered healing over me & in the name of Jesus COMMANDED my left leg to grow out…more & more & more until it was PERFECTLY even with my right leg!!!Praise God, & thank you Frank for being such an obedient steward of the Word & specifically of Jesus’ command to go out & preach the gospel to the world, to lay hands on the sick, & to raise the dead!Hallelujah!  God’s Word is the same yesterday, today, & tomorrow!!!I am truly blessed✝️🙏Andrea Davis

Franciscus M. Dartee

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