Receive and Keep Your Healing

I was recently impressed with an unusual prayer request I received from a lady named Nancy.  Her request came in from this website and she asked something not many people ask.

Here is her request:

“I am in need of healing but concerned that if I am unable to receive for myself, I will not be able to keep my healing or receive healing as needed in the future.” 

The reason it is unusual is because most people just want me to pray for them and be done with it.  Not Nancy.  She knew what she wanted.

When I spoke with her she told me that she had had an accident many years ago that left her with residual back pain.

She was not new to healing.  She grew up in church and saw healing in her children but never for herself.  She said resolute: “I am determined that that is going to change.”

“So you’ve decided that you are no longer going to be a respecter of persons?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” was her response.

“You see,” I explained, “if you’re not going to be a respecter of persons then you cannot respect other persons over yourself either.  If they get healed, you get healed, right?”

“Right. Yeah.” she responded, “If it works for them, it has to work for me.  So my question is, other than listening to the word, when you know the word and you’re just not seeing results, what do you do?  What can I look to?”

“I’ll give you one verse – Mark 11:24.” I answered.  “What that says is that whatever you pray, believe that you have received it and you shall have it.  So in other words, the believing that you have already received it, comes before the actual receiving it.  You have to believe that you already received it.  Okay?”

Then I shared 2 of my own personal healing testimonies with her, here and here.

Then we prayed.  I asked her to put her hand on her back and I commanded: “Father I thank you for Nancy.  I thank you that you love her.  I thank you that you don’t want to see her suffer one more minute with this because Jesus already paid for her with the stripes on His back.  So right now in the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of infirmity and pain to get out of that back NOW!  Get out and stay out!  I command healing and restoration to every part of her back, every part of her body head to toe, in Jesus name.  So be it and no other way.  Now Nancy, I want you to do what you could not do before.  Touch your toes, do the twist, whatever it is that would hurt normally, do it now and try to make it hurt.”

“Okay.” she agreed and said, “Yeah, it hurts.”

Okay, keep doing it” I encouraged her, “Let me know the second you feel any relief, however slight or small.

“Okay.” she agreed again.

“And as you are doing it, keep thinking and saying thank you, Jesus, thank you, Lord, I have received my healing. I believe I have received it and I have it in Jesus name and I thank you for it.”

“I don’t know, it isn’t changing.” she then said after a small while, “I don’t want to make you stay on the phone all this time.”

I rebutted “It is changing so don’t say that.” 

After she kept interrupting me with no, no, no…she then agreed when I shared “It is changing because the Holy Spirit is doing His operation in you.  You’re just not feeling it yet.  So it is changing.”

“That’s the other thing to be aware of.” I continued,  “You will have whatsoever you say is what Jesus said, right?  So whatever you say is what you will get.  So let’s speak to it again, alright, because we can always add to it.  Father, I thank you that your Holy Spirit is doing His operation inside of Nancy right now as we speak because Your word does not return unto you void.  But it will go out and accomplish the thing that it was sent out for and will prosper in that very thing.  And we believe Your word is true.  Let God be true and every man a liar.  Your word is true and we stand on this word.  So we thank you now that this is happening and we speak to the spirit of infirmity or at this point a lying devil that is trying to make Nancy believe that nothing’s happening.  We command you to get out NOW!  Get out and stay out.  We cast you out in the name of Jesus.  Body be completely healed and made whole.  Back, line up with the word of God.  You work.  You function.  You work as you were designed.  So be it and no other way.  You have no choice.  You must obey the word of God.  So be it in Jesus name.  Amen.  Now keep moving and keep doing what you couldn’t do before.”

“Okay.” she responded “Well if anything, it hurts more.  But I am going to keep at it.

“So something’s happening.”  I chimed in.  “Sometimes that’s even a sign that the enemy is trying to either attack you in a different area or trying to make you believe that nothing’s happening or trying to make it worse so that you will back off.  So it’s not just renewing the mind but renewing the spirit of your mind which is your attitude.  Renewing you mind is saying yes, this is what God’s word says.  I agree with it.  That’s mere mental assent if you will.  But really believing the word of God takes the renewing of the spirit of your mind which is your attitude where you want to get your attitude to the point of how dare this enemy try to attack me! Who does he think he is, attacking a son of God?  It’s a righteous indignation I call it.”

“Okay.  I’m gonna stay with this.” she replied.

I then offered “I’m going to send you what I call Healing Declarations.  These are pretty much the scriptures that I used to heal my RA back then.  Just simply declare what’s on there, loud and strong.  You are declaring it to God.  You’re declaring it to yourself.  But most of all you’re declaring it to the enemy that you are no longer under his authority.  You are no longer under his oppression.  Acts 10:38 says that Jesus went about doing good and healed all those that were oppressed of the devil.  That’s what all sickness is, oppression.  You’re no longer under his oppression.  So I am going to send that to you and I expect a great report.?

“Okay.  Me, too.” she replied.

That evening I received the following email:

Thank you so much for all your time today and for agreeing with me in prayer!  After we finished on the phone, I stormed around my room and said loudly that this was my day, I was drawing a line in the stand…this far, and no further! I ripped up a list I had made of all the things I couldn’t do since the injury. When I felt like I had settled it in my heart, I sat down to do some reading (because sitting to do anything is usually very uncomfortable). After a short time, I didn’t feel like sitting was the right thing at that moment. It felt too passive. So I paused to ask the Holy Spirit what I should be doing right now?  I didn’t hear anything so I asked for an image. (I am very visual!!) I clearly saw myself doing a cartwheel and started laughing, thinking, “Holy Spirit you make me laugh – A cartwheel?? Seriously??” But then I thought, Ok, I’m going to do what I couldn’t do! So I put sneakers on and went outside. I found a level spot in my yard and just did a rather impressive cartwheel!! THANK YOU JESUS! 


My response back:

Praise Jesus!  Congratulations!   You have received your healing.  You did exactly what Curry calls “settling it”. Just like you said, you finally settled the fact that Jesus already paid for your healing and yesterday was the day you received it and it is done. You are no longer under the enemy’s oppression.  Go enjoy your life. 

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.  John 8:36

Thanks for the great report. Would you mind if I share your testimony to encourage others?  I only use first names. Let me know. 

Nancy’s reply:

Absolutely! Please share

And then I received this message from Nancy tonight:

I went roller blading today for the first time in about 2 years!!

Bottom-line, Nancy got exactly what she requested.  She really did it herself just like she wanted so she could receive her healing directly for herself and know how to keep it and how to receive it in the future if ever needed.  I just had the privilege to agree with her and point her in the right direction.  Now she can even confidently minister it to others.

Praise Jesus!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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