Stand For Your Healing

Le LaroiI received this testimony today from Le, one of our Life Team Members.

Her courage was to not back down when she did not see instant and complete healing, but to stand on God’s promises in His word that by Jesus; stripes she was healed (1 Peter 2:24).

To not take anything away, I am sharing her testimony in its entirety.

Here it is…

To all who will read this testimony may you receive healing & restoration to your being and or situation.

Today is October 26, 2022 and after giving testimony on a Life Team Chat with Frank Dartee I was invited to either present my testimony in write-up form or on a video; so, here it is…😊

Back on the 5th of this month i did bend over to lift up one end of a sleeper sofa and not sure i even got it lifted off the floor when i heard a loud POP in my back; felt like it was the lower part of the back.

Nevertheless, after the POP i went to the floor & said, O God, what have i done? Very soon afterward i realize a thought, and that thought declared, ‘this POP serves to re-position a life-long problem’ … (I immediately consulted Jehovah Rophe)

Being born in the era of the 50’s, with scoliosis, it would be mid 80’s before i knew this “scoliosis” was even present; a visit to the Chiropractor 3 x’s weekly came into the picture until i got better and quit going; it was from him where i actually saw the picture of the spinal curvature & was amazed how i could not be affected more outwardly in my walk. God is GOOD! In life’s ebb & flow, ended up with L6 problem which is on medical record. (No back surgeries, hallelujah!)

Getting back on track – was in bed for 5 days barely ambling around; neighbor went to get groceries, etc… It was during this x i called my very good friend, Laura Jacaman, sharing with her my condition; said she had done similar but had lifted a heavy suitcase and suffered separated vertebrae; she told me of her friend, Frank Dartee and that he should pray for me. I was willing.

By 3-way phone conversation this introduction took place and Frank did counsel and pray for me and i began doing more things i could not do before.

A few days later i would follow-up w/Frank on Life Team and sent this message to him:

Frank Dartee: i have a question in regards to answering a prayer for complete healing.1 John 5:15.

I go on to say, my healing has been partial but am definitely doing things that were severely restricted. Could the deferment of answer be for any of the following… 1. To try my faith to see if the blessing is earnestly desired. 2. Perhaps it could not be answered at once w/out a miracle. 3. It might not be consistent w/the divine Arrangements respecting others to grant it to me at once? 4. My own condition may not be such that it would be best to answer my request at once

Any or all feedback will be appreciated

Frank fires back and says: Le: By your own words, you just declared that your healing has been partial. ☹(had i just been reproved? felt that way) kind a like a reprimand :-/ goes on and says, Is that what you want? The word says in Mark 11:23 that you “shall have whatsoever you say” It also says that “by His stripes you were healed.” In 1 Peter 2:24. There is nothing about partial healing in that verse or in any other verse in scripture. But Jesus said it is” according to YOUR faith.” here we go again. Now i  feel my adversary pointing his finger at me

Frank continues; Proof that you are healed is that you are “definitely doing things that were severely restricted.” So, you moved the mountain, right? Now if you can move it an inch, can you not move it a mile? Can you not cast it out to sea? Jesus gave you that authority in Luke 10:19 and many other verses where he literally tells you to “speak to the mountain and it will obey you.” Now Frank says: there is only “deferment of answer” if you believe that there is “deferment of answer”. Would it not be better to push through and believe in a miracle? end.                      

The use of our conversation to this end was used because i want all to know that i appreciate the bluntness, it’s what i have looked for in ministry for years. Many, many ministries out there sugarcoat. I don’t like sugarcoat. I like blunt, tell it like it is, be honest and forth coming with truth or get out of ministry. People who are hurting need truth!  I thank God for Frank & JGLM Ministries

In closing.

The 4 questions got me stirred up Frank, DAILY, that mountain continues to be moved and it is almost all out to sea! 😊Yes! I push through to that miracle so look out for the final testimony!! I glory in the Redemption, for without it we would have no salvation in Christ, no healing, no hope in this world for any kind of miracle. Glory to our Living God and the scheme of salvation!

Now i wish to report that not only can i get into the car without pain, bend over and touch my toes, but can squat, stretch fairly well, and even in light exercise lift my legs and work the ole abs! how about that!! All sciatic nerve pain, down both legs is out to sea 😊.  Even go for a morning walk. Mark 16:14-20


Praise Jesus! To Him goes all the glory.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2022

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4 thoughts on “Stand For Your Healing”

  1. Glory to our living God who cares for us!!❤ thank you so much for your response and always remember that help in the greatest name on this planet, the name above every name, is only a whisper away, and that name is Jesus, The Christ of God 🥰🤩

    with much love and respect
    Psalms 107:20
    you take good Care !


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