“That’s Crazy … Something’s Up!”

Every Knee Shall bBowOn the Wednesday morning, right before Thanksgiving, I received a call from Gilbert, a gentleman whom I am helping with some of his paperwork.  I could not pick it up so it went straight to voicemail.

He was following up from when I prayed over him over the phone the previous Friday when he called me from the hospital. 

He was there to get his knee fixed.  Somebody had run into him and broken his knee.

Here is Gilbert’s testimony from his voicemail…

“Mr. Dartee. I don’t understand one thing that prayer that you did … um … on Friday, when I was in the hospital over my leg. I’m wondering why I ain’t feel no pain in my leg after that. And that’s crazy strange. And … um …  they claim I was supposed to feel pain. I haven’t felt no pain in that leg. That’s crazy …  something is up. Um … Gilbert. Thanks.”

Click here to hear the above voicemail he left.

When I called him back, he started right away about the above and wanted to know how it was possible that he felt no pain in his leg after we prayed.

I explained that the kingdom of God had come near unto him.

He still did not understand it so I plainly explained to him that it was Jesus who had instantly healed him when we prayed in His name.

He was still bewildered how this could possibly happen.  I told him that Jesus loved him and had set him free.  I asked him if he believed in Jesus and he did say yes.  I declared that Jesus had now proven Himself to him.

This is how we gain an open door to sharing the gospel with signs and wonders — like him wondering how Jesus could heal him like this.  I will have plenty of opportunity to share more with him over the next coming weeks.  Please pray for Gilbert that he will receive the full gospel.

Whether he understands it or not, one thing is certain, he is healed!

Praise to the almighty name of Jesus.

Franciscus M. Dartee

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2 thoughts on ““That’s Crazy … Something’s Up!””

  1. am smiling all across my face, ear to👂😃🥰.so fun to see and read testimonies of Gods faithfulness & love 💘❤💕💖♥💗💘❤💕 wow! now understand the phrase, blessed to be a blessing! thank you Frank for this inspiring share, 🙏. with much love and gratitude for all you do. 👍😘


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