Crushed Legs Instantly Healed

My wife and I were casually shopping at IKEA and decided to have lunch there.  After we sat down at our table somewhere in the middle of the dining room, a man with a cane slowly mozied by our table and headed to a table in the back.  When we finished, I said to her, “Why don’t you take the trays so I can go minister to that man back there?”  She agreed and I went to go find him.

Ikea mb“How did you know I was here?” He asked amazed that I had even noticed him.  I had introduced myself to him as a minister who prays for people and God heals them and asked if I could pray for him since I had noticed he was walking with a cane.  His name was Laurence and he explained that his legs were crushed by the Japanese during the war.  

I answered his question that I was eating with my wife when we noticed him walking by with his cane.  “And you came all the way back here just to pray for me?”  He was amazed.  I said “Yes.” to which he replied  “Nobody cares that much to talk to me these days.  I’m 87 years old and no one has ever come up to offer to pray for me like you did.”  So I explained that Jesus cares for him and suggested we pray for his legs.

So I prayed “Thank you Lord that you care for Laurence and that you are going to prove to him that you love him by healing his legs right now.”  I continued to command his legs be healed and asked him to check it out.  Well, he just stood still and did not move.  I asked him how his legs felt and he just said OK.  After I kept encouraging him to move his legs to check it out, he suddenly moved one leg just slightly and then stopped, looked at me totally surprised and could only utter “Well, that’s remarkable!”  I asked him “What is remarkable?”  “It feels cool!” he said “Why that is just remarkable!”  “Do you have any more pain?” I questioned him.  “No, it just feels cool!” he kept repeating.

“Well, that is Jesus who just healed you.  Do you know Jesus?” I asked.  “O, yes, of course I know Jesus.  But In all my years of being in the Lutheran church, no one has ever prayed for me like you just did!” He exclaimed.  “Well, it’s not me, it’s Jesus who just touched you and healed you.” I answered.  “I know.  I realize that but I have never been prayed for like you just did.” he replied and went on to ask me what church I was with.  I asked him if there was anything else I could pray for for him but he just said “O,  no, I don’t expect much.  This is more than I could have ever expected.  I just can’t believe that you would actually take the time to come over to me to pray for me.”

We prayed one more time and as we parted ways, he said “You have a beautiful smile. Thank you.”  I told him to thank Jesus and he said he would.  He was beaming and smiling as we parted ways.  Praise Jesus!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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