Where Is The Ark?

One of the greatest biblical discoveries of all time!


Model representation of the Ark of the Covenant 

The ark of the covenant mysteriously disappeared around the time of the Babylonian exile and has not been seen for 2,600 years.  This is the ark that God commanded Moses to build in Exodus 25:10-22.

It was made out of shittim (acacia) wood overlaid with pure gold.  With the cubit at 25 inches, the dimensions would be 5’2.5″ long, 37.5″ high and 37.5″ wide.  It had a crown of gold round about and four rings of gold at the corners, two on each side.  To be able to carry the ark, two staves were made of the same wood and also overlaid with gold and placed through each of the two rings on each side.  

On top of the whole length of the ark was the mercy seat made of pure gold about 3.5″ thick, and on each side a cherub stood with one wing stretched out to touch the wing of the other cherub and the other wing hanging by its side, holding the front corner of the mercy seat with one hand while holding a staff in the other hand.

The ark contained the stone tables of the ten commandments,  This was the second set because the first set was smashed to pieces when Moses saw the sin of the people after he came off of the mount.  He told the people that they were not worthy to receive God’s commandments and smashed the tables of stone and also grinded the golden calf they had made to powder.  The ark also contained the pot of manna and Aaron’s staff that budded.

No, the ark was not discovered by Indiana Jones.  That’s just Hollywood fiction.  In real life it was discovered by a man named Ron Wyatt who lived from 1933 to 1999.  Ron was an anesthetist and an archaeologist whenever he could.  He spent most of his time in the middle east searching for proof of biblical events.

In 1978 while he was in Jerusalem, Ron and a member of the Israeli Antiquities Authority were walking in the Garden Tomb where Jesus was buried, when Ron unwittingly stretched out his hand and pointed to an area next to an escarpment and said: “There is Jeremiah’s Grotto and the Ark of the Covenant is in there.”  The official said that that was wonderful to hear and allowed them to dig the site and offered them help while they were working there.  Ron was ever so surprised at what he had said because he had never even thought of the ark of the covenant.  Could this have been prophetic?

Ron and his team started excavating and soon discovered 12 by 12 inch square holes, 28 inches deep into the ground that Ron realized were to hold the cross up after they would drop it in place there.  He had discovered the actual crucifixion site of Jesus.  This was of great significance for the next discovery.

ark-with-bloodThey continued on and after much toil and labor and after opening and closing several caves, Ron finally discovered the cave that contained the ark of the covenant on January 6, 1982.  When he was able to enter the room to inspect the ark, he found dried blood on the ceiling and on the mercy seat of the ark.  He scraped off the blood, took it to a lab where it was reactivated and examined under a microscope.  Much to their amazement, it was discovered to only have 24 chromosomes; 23 from the mother (22 autosomes with 1 X chromosome) and 1 from the Father (no autosomes and only 1 Y chromosome).

This proved that this blood was unlike any other human being’s blood on earth and could only have been the blood of Jesus.   Everyone else has 46 chromosomes (23 from the mother and 23 from the father).  How could this blood still be alive?  Per God’s word, He did not allow Jesus’ body which included His blood, to see corruption.

The cave where this discovery was made, was strategically located right underneath where Jesus was crucified and where the ark of the covenant had been hidden by God through Jeremiah 600 years earlier in 586 BC.  This was known as Zedekiah’s cave and part of King Solomon’s quarries or Jeremiah’s grotto or the Calvary escarpment currently located right behind a bus station in Jerusalem.

When the roman soldier stuck his spear into Jesus’ left side (John 19:34) to make sure that He was dead, blood and water flowed out and down to the ground which was split open by an earthquake (Matt 27:51), allowing the sacred blood of Jesus to flow through the crack in the rock, half an inch wide, directly onto the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant 20 feet below, hidden there 600 years prior, hereby ratifying the new covenant (Matt 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1 Corinthians 11:25) by the blood of Christ sprinkled on the mercy seat.

What do the scriptures say about the ark of the covenant?

And it shall come to pass, when ye be multiplied and increased in the land, in those days, saith the Lord, they shall say no more, The ark of the covenant of the Lord: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; neither shall they visit it; neither shall that be done any more.  Jeremiah  3:16

It was also contained in the same writing, that the prophet, being warned of God, commanded the tabernacle and the ark to go with him, as he went forth into the mountain, where Moses climbed up, and saw the heritage of God. And when Jeremy came thither, he found an hollow cave, wherein he laid the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door. And some of those that followed him came to mark the way, but they could not find it. Which when Jeremy perceived, he blamed them, saying, As for that place, it shall be unknown until the time that God gather his people again together, and receive them unto mercy. Then shall the Lord shew them these things, and the glory of the Lord shall appear, and the cloud also, as it was shewed under Moses, and as when Solomon desired that the place might be honourably sanctified.  2 Maccabees 2:4-8 (the book of Maccabees is not canonical but confirmed historical)

Here is a video animation of the crucifixion scene:

And here is Ron retelling the story in his own words:

Additional sites:

Summary Conclusion

No other discovery ever has so confirmed the ratification of the new covenant by Jesus, our Lord and Savior, in His own blood for the atonement of our sins.  We have been bought and paid for by Jesus Himself.  All of our sins are cleansed by His blood.

Seek Him now.  Repent of your sins and turn to the only One who can save you.  This discovery confirms that time is at hand and the hour is near for Jesus’ imminent return.  No, you do not have plenty of time anymore.  Tomorrow is promised to noone.

Friend, you do not know if you will wake up tomorrow morning.  Or if you will survive a stroke or heart attack.  Or if you will make it across the street safely.  Don’t risk all of eternity for some temporary pleasure that cannot satisfy.

Only Jesus can satisfy all of your needs, not only now but in all of eternity.  There are joys and pleasures forevermore at His right hand which you have no idea of yet and which will only be revealed to you once you go to be with Him in glory.  The time is now.

If you are ready to forsake your old life and let Jesus give you a brand new life, and make you a new creation, then pray this prayer from your heart and add your own words to it:

Father, I love.  I have always loved You.  But I know that I have not always shown it in my heart and in my life.  Forgive me for I have sinned against You and against my fellow man.  I am truly sorry for what I have done and ask for Your forgiveness with all of my heart.  Please wash me clean in the blood of Jesus and make me white as snow.  Thank You, Jesus, for giving Yourself to be crucified in my place and paying the full price for my sins, by shedding Your sinless blood and sprinkling it on the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant and hereby purchasing me to Yourself forever.  I believe in my heart that You lived, died, were buried and rose again and I confess it now with my mouth.  I confess You, Jesus, as my Lord and my Saviour.  Thank You Holy Spirit for baptizing me into Jesus.

And now, Father, I ask You for Your promise of the Holy Spirit to fill me with power from on high the same as You did to the disciples at Pentecost.  Empower me to live a sinless life and to do mighty works for Your kingdom.  Help me to lift the name of Jesus above every other name by proclaiming the gospel to everyone who will hear and confirming the word with signs and wonders in Jesus name.  Jesus, I ask You now to baptize me in the Holy Spirit so that rivers of living water will flow forth from my belly and I will speak the wonders of God in my new tongue.

I am now a new creation, born of the Spirit, born again unto new life, born of the water of the word and of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  I am now a son/daughter of the most high God.  My name is written in the Book of Life in Heaven.  I am a direct heir of God and a fellow heir with Jesus Christ.  I have the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ.  I am baptized in the Holy Spirit and empowered with dynamic power and ability from on high.   I believe I have received it and I now have it in Jesus name.  So be it!  Thank You, Lord!  Amen!

If you have prayed this prayer for the first time, or if you have come back to the Lord, or if you have prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, please confirm your confession below.  We would love to hear from you and pray for you to confirm  and establish you in your new walk with the Lord.  God bless you and keep you in His love.

PS: Remember today’s date…today is your spiritual birthday!


Franciscus M. Dartee

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