Going Nuts – Lady Vendor Gets Instantly Healed

candiednutsDavid Hobday, one of our team members, was with us in New York City on one of our mission trips when he wanted to buy some nuts from a street vendor.  As he was paying for the nuts, he casually asked her if she had any pain in her body.  She said that she had pain in her back.

So Dave offered to pray for her back and she accepted.  After he prayed and commanded the pain to go and her back to be healed, he told her to look for the pain.  She politely ignored his instructions and thanked him.  Like most people, she did not expect anything to happen.  

But Dave persisted and instructed her to look for the pain again.  “Look?” she questioned  him.  Perhaps because she spoke Spanish, she did not fully understand what he meant.  Dave then started by twisting his back around to show her what he meant.

She caught on and started twisting her back, too, and concluded that it was better.  “Better?  Can I do it again?” he asked.  She smiled and laughed and started twisting again.  When she stopped she said “No.  Nothing!” realizing that the pain was all gone.

As she continued to laugh, Dave said “See?  It’s all Jesus.”  She responded “I know, I know.  Thank you so much.”  “You’re welcome so much!” was Dave’s reply.

Her back was instantly healed though she did not recognize it until she checked it out a second time.  This is what we call “the working of miracles”.  It activates the healing instantly and is what most people miss when they pray for someone or even for themselves.  Try it yourself next time.  Coach the person you have just prayed for, or yourself, to do what they could not do before.  You will see many more instant healings.

I promise you.

You can watch the video of the encounter here:

If you haven’t checked out The Activation of David Hobday, you should check it out now.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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