Shopping For Healings

Most people go shopping for food or clothes or something else.  I go shopping for healings.

shoppingcartMy wife likes it that I volunteer to go shopping for her, even if it sometimes takes a lot longer than usual.  That’s because I seek to find people in need of prayer so I can pray for them and set them free.  And the best place to find people is to go where most people go…shopping!  

Recently, on  a Saturday morning, I decided to go to an area where I had never been before and found a very sizeable Walmart.  I thought, there are always people at Walmart.  Man did I hit the jackpot!  It was packed.  I couldn’t even get in the door without bumping into a woman with a cane.  Her name was Inez and she had a bad knee.  I offered to pray for her and she accepted.  I commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and she said that it felt better.  I prayed a second time and all the pain was gone.  She was elated.  I gave her my card and a gospel of John.

When I hand out my card, it is for two purposes.  First so that they can call or email me a good report of their healing and second that they can refer others who are in need of ministry.  I also hand out gospels of John and encourage them to find out more about  Jesus who just healed them.

Next I bumped into Albertina who was also walking with a cane.  Same issue.  Same right knee.  Prayed twice and she was healed and grateful.  Left her with a card and a gospel.

Next I met Jim riding a cart with a cane in the basket who said he had diabetes and neuropathy.  I noticed his left leg under his knee had turned strikingly black going into his white sock.  I commanded the spirit  of diabetes and neuropathy to leave him and not enter him again, for his sugar to normalize, his skin to be made new and his whole body to be made whole.  After giving him a card and a gospel he gave me a big smile he thanked me for praying for him.

Right as I left Jim, I bumped into Francine  who was also walking with a cane.  Would you believe she too had a bad right knee?  I was starting to see a pattern here!  However, this time I only prayed once and she was instantly healed.

Then I saw Kenny driving around in a motorized cart with a cane in the basket.  He was shopping with his wife.  He had a bad ankle and was in pain.  I commanded the pain to go and for the ankle to be healed and he was instantly healed.  Praise Jesus!  I just love those instant manifestations!

Next, I met Lisette who was also riding around in a motorized cart with a cane in the basket.   She said that she was suffering from MS.  I commanded the spirit of multiple sclerosis to leave her and not enter her again and for her to be made whole in Jesus name.  She and her husband both were very thankful.  I gave her my card and a gospel and asked her to let me know and that I expected a good report.

As I went through the aisles, I noticed a young man in front of me, also in a motorized cart, and walked up to him.  His name was Dan and he had a soft cast on his left leg going from above his knee all the way down to his foot.  When I offered to pray for him he said that he had just had surgery on his knee.  I put my hand on his knee and commanded all the pain to go, I command all the after effects of the surgery to go and for the knee to be completely made whole in Jesus name.

“Now do what you could not do before.” I coached him.  He lifted up his leg a bit and said that it felt better.  “Great. Now is there any pain left?” I asked him.  “Just a little bit.” he answered.  “Well, that’s not good enough! Jesus paid full price at the whipping post for your complete healing.  So let me pray one more time and it will be all gone.”  I commanded all the pain to go and I told it that I didn’t mean maybe.  I repeated my instruction for him to do what he could not do before and this time he lifted up his entire leg all the way into the air and exclaimed “I could not do that before!”  “That’s Jesus for you!  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” I bragged on Jesus.

Next I bumped into Judy who was also riding around in a motorized cart with a cane in the basket.  She said that she was suffering from lupus.  I asked her, is there anything too difficult for Jesus?  She said no.  So I commanded the spirit of lupus to depart from her, not to enter her again and for her to be made whole in Jesus name.  I also gave her a card and asked her to keep me posted and that I expected a good report.

So far everyone I ministered to, said that they were born again believers.  Hmm…  If so, then why did they not believe for their own healing?  I guess that is part of the church growing up into Christ.  Funny though, how few people who claim to believe in Jesus, when it comes down to it, don’t really believe what Jesus said (John 14:12, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:17-18) or what He already did for them (Matthew 8:16-17, 1 Peter 2:24).  See, you don’t have to go to a foreign country to go to the mission field.  It’s right there already in your own backyard!

By this time I was back outside in the parking lot and was about to get into my car when I noticed a young woman standing next to her car with a cane in her hand.  I walked up to her and her offered to pray for her. “Oh, no, this is not for me.  This is for my mother.  She is just putting her shopping cart away.  There she is.”  I introduced myself as a minister who prays for people and God heals them and asked her if I could pray for her.  Her name was Lucille and she was born with a birth defect and had back problems and pain in her back.  I placed my hand on her back and commanded the pain to go and canceled all the effects of the birth defect in Jesus name.  I commanded all of her body to be made whole in Jesus name.  Then I asked her to do what she could not do before and she said it felt much better and walked off to get into her car.  Her daughter kind of shrugged her shoulders and I looked at her and said “That’s okay.  Have a great day.”

As I turned to head back to my car, I all of a sudden heard “Good job!  Praise God!” behind me.  I turned around and walked over to introduce myself to Santos and his wife Marie with their little daughter Sarah.  They had watched the whole thing and they were thrilled to see an elderly woman with back problems get healed instantly.  I asked if there was anything I could pray for them for and Santos just said “You can pray for our family.”  So I prayed for them and blessed them and then went on my way.

Since my wife had asked me to pick up a few groceries on the way, my next stop was Costco.  There I bumped into Raquel and her husband.  Raquel was sitting in a motorized cart with a cane in the basket checking out the bakery items.  When I offered to pray for her she said she had just gone through surgery and had pain in her abdomen. I prayed for her and told her to do what she could not do before.  She got up, walked a bit and said it felt better.  So I prayed again and commanded all the pain to go in Jesus name.  She checked it again and it was gone.

After leaving Costco, I had one more stop to make at Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a few more items.  There I bumped into Francis who had just had surgery on her right leg.  I prayed for her twice and she was completely healed.

When I headed for the door, a passing heavy rain shower held everyone captive right at the entrance of the store.  As I turned around I met Sybille hobbling out of the store on crutches.  She had just had surgery on her foot and was in a soft cast with a flat shoe.  When I prayed for her the first time, she could wiggle her toe.  Then when I prayed the second time, I commanded her big toe to move, and all of a sudden she could move it. “By tonight I will be completely healed!” she exclaimed.  “Amen!” I agreed with her.

Well, it was time to go home.  I left satisfied knowing that Jesus was glorified today, the enemy was defeated, his works had been destroyed, and that captive people were set free.  Just an ordinary day in the life of a believer.  Or, what should be every day in the life of every believer.  Imagine how fast the world would change if all Christians would rise up to their calling set before them.  It’s so true…the fields are white unto harvest but the laborers are few.

I am no one special.  The only thing that is special about me is that I have Jesus inside of me and that my name is written in heaven.  That’s all.  People have told me that I have a special gift of healing.  But I really don’t.  The only gifts that I have are Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  What the Bible calls the gifts of the Spirit are really the “grace effects” of having the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and operating through us.  In other words when you have the Holy Spirit these “grace effects” or what people call gifts, come with Him. They are part and parcel of the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.  It now just depends on whether you use them or not.

Yes, there are people who have special gifts of healing.  I am not one of them.  Operating in a gift is the lowest level of faith you can operate in.  To operating without a gift, one has to operate at the highest level of faith.  You don’t have to work for a gift.  That is why it is called a gift.  You don’t need faith to operate a gift.  To operate without a gift, now that requires faith.  Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe.

Jesus did not operate by a gift.  He did not need a gift.  He operated by the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  This is our goal as believers: to grow up in the faith to be able to operate in all the fullness of the Holy Spirit just like Jesus did.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power

All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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