Homeless, Healed & Blessed

Laura hugThe biggest problem most homeless people face is identity theft.  Think about it.  In our complex society, you need a valid ID, a driver’s license or a passport to be able to buy an airplane ticket and to board an airplane.  One of the requirements to obtain a valid ID is a birth certificate which, if you have no money or resources, is almost impossible to secure.

Homeless people are exposed all the time.  We have witnessed the brazen theft of a cup of change from one homeless woman by another homeless thug in broad daylight right in front of our noses.  She was so distraught that she started crying.  However, we were able to bless her and many other people around her, who had also witnessed this atrocity, and who came rushing to her aid stretching forth their hands with $20 bills.  She was so elated and comforted once again.

Contrary to popular belief not to give ‘beggars” any money because they will just go and spend any money you give them on drugs and booze, most of the homeless we have encountered in our outreaches are not this way at all.  Sure there are bums out there just like the one above, but most are ordinary people who have become victims of circumstance where their money simply ran out before they were able to pay their bills and subsequently, were evicted from their homes.  In other words they were responsible people, trying to do the best they could to make ends meet in this high-priced, heartless banker run society we live in that eats people and spits them out when they are of no further use to them.

Last winter we met Laura sitting on a corner by the Library in New York City.  She was cold and suffering from pain in her back.  When we prayed for her, Jesus instantly healed her back!  She was already a believer in Jesus but she prayed with us to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues.

She explained that she had her identity stolen from her the night prior and that she needed some financial help to be able to get her birth certificate so she could get her ID back in order to buy a ticket to go back home to California to her family.  Everyone on our team pitched in and she was showered with blessings, so much so that she had enough now to be able to get her ID, buy a plane ticket and go home again.

You can watch her reaction and her testimony for yourself here:

Praise Jesus!!!

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power

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