The High Holy Days Gift

It is very unusual these days that I go anywhere and not find someone who is in need of prayer for healing.  Canes, wheelchairs, crutches…they’re everywhere!

shofar-blowHowever, this was not the case on this particular day when I was shopping at BJ’s, a local wholesale club here in New Jersey.  I asked the Lord, is there really no one here that You want me to pray for?  Oh well, if You want me to minister to someone, I know You that will make it happen.

So I thought nothing of it any further and gathered the things I needed to pick up on my list and headed towards the cash register.  I stood on the less than 10 items line when a lady queued up behind me with a flatbed with the biggest flat screen TV I had ever seen.  Wow, that is a huge TV, I commented.  However, my prayer was answered when, as I turned to look behind me, there he was, the man who needed ministering.  

He was an elderly gentleman with a cane who just kind of stood there, not even on line, but just standing there as if waiting for something or someone.  I looked at the lady behind me, after she responded that yes, it is kind of big.  I offered her, why don’t you go ahead?  Are you sure, she asked?  I said yes, I need to talk to this gentleman.  Thank you, she said appreciatively.

I approached him “Excuse me, sir.  I noticed your cane.  I’m a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for you, sir?”  “Sure you can pray for me.” he broke out in a warm smile as he accepted my offer.  We introduced each other and he told me his name was Harvey.  “So,what seems to be the problem?” I asked.  “Oh, its old age.” he said with his big gentle smile.  “Then what is the cane for?” I prodded wanting to know something more specific I could pray for to set him free.

“It’s for my leg.  I have pain that goes all the way down my right leg.” he volunteered.  I put my hand on his shoulder and said “OK, well let’s pray.  Father, I thank you for Harvey and letting us meet today.  And I thank you Jesus that you are going to prove Your love to Harvey right now by healing him.  Right leg, I command  you to be healed and all pain to go right now in Jesus name.  OKay, Harvey, check it out.”

Harvey started walking, turned around and looked at me surprised.  “Hey, the pain is all gone!” he exclaimed.  I said “That’s because Jesus just healed you!  You believe in Jesus, right?”  All of a sudden his warm smiling face changed to a stern look and said “I’m Jewish.”

I couldn’t help it and from the depth of my heart I just burst out “Well then Jesus is your Messiah!  That is why He came and healed all the people when He was here on earth to prove that he was the Jewish Messiah.  And now He just healed you!”  Very puzzled and confused he could only bring himself to say “Well, we are in our high holy days right now.”  I just continued “Yes and Jesus just gave you a present!”

Looking away and still very overwhelmed by it all he said “Yes, I guess He did.”

I shook his hand and blessed him as we said goodbye.  I commented “Well you won’t need that cane anymore.” as he started walking away with the cane on his shoulder.  “No, but it was a gift from my son.” he turned around and shrugged his shoulders.  His smile had returned.

He never thanked me but that is fine by me.  I just want him to thank Jesus as soon as he settles down and starts to reconcile all of this in his mind.

A lifetime of Jewish religious teaching now ruined and simply swept away in an instant as he was touched by Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, his true Messiah who had surely borne his griefs, and carried his sorrows as was prophesied in Isaiah 53.  It was by His stripes that Harvey was healed as in 1 Peter 2:24.

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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