Chains Broken & Stomach Pain Healed

We were in New York City, having a great time with the Empire State Building Ticket Sellers (see the post & video here) when Edwin and his wife Toya approached us for prayer.

brokenchainsmanThey had been observing how everyone was getting healed and baptized in the Holy Ghost and wanted in on the action.  Alright!

Edwin explained that he was a believer, baptized in the Holy Spirit and “spoke in tongues and everything”.  But he said that he had certain chains that needed to be broken.  When asked, he said he needed “consistency”, which I assumed was consistency in his spiritual walk.  He also had occasional back pain but did not have it today.

We prayed with him and commanded every chain to be broken in Jesus name and for his back to be completely healed.  When we were done he said that he felt “the chills” going through his body.

Next we prayed for Toya, his wife, who was pregnant and had stomach pain.  She said that she was sick all the time and couldn’t keep anything down.  She had pain all over that she could not pinpoint exactly.  We commanded the sickness and all the pain to go and when we were done she was instantly healed and relieved.  We even commanded no pain during childbirth.

As we were praying for Toya, you can hear Edwin in the background going off in tongues!

Praise Jesus!

You can watch their healing here:

Franciscus M. Dartee

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