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God-Given Faith
Have Faith in God
The Way to Overcome: Believe!
Booklet – Clothed With the Spirit
Book – Faith That Prevails
Book – Ever Increasing Faith


1. God-Given Faith
2. Like Precious Faith
3. Spiritual Power
4. Paul’s Pentecost
5. Ye Shall Receive Power
6. Keeping The Vision
7. Present-Time Blessings


1. Have Faith in God
2. Deliverance to the Captives
3. The Power of the Name
4. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
5. I Am the Lord That Healeth Thee
6. Himself Took Our Infirmities
7. Our Risen Christ
8. Righteousness
9. The Words of This Life
10. Life in the Spirit
11. What It Means to Be Full of the Holy Ghost
12. The Bible Evidence of the Baptism of the Spirit
13. Concerning Spiritual Gifts
14. The Word of Knowledge and Faith
15. Gifts of Healings, and Miracles
16. The Gift of Prophecy
17. The Discerning of Spirits
18. The Gift of Tongues


1. Workers together with God
2. Preparation for the Second Coming (1)
3. Immersed in the Holy Ghost
4. Active Life of the Spirit-filled Believer
5. The Way to Overcome: Believe
6. Our Calling (part 1)
7. Our Calling (part 2)
8. Ye are Our Epistle (part 1)
9. Ye are Our Epistle (part 2)
10. Great Grace Upon the Church
11. Greater Works Than These
12. Like Precious Faith (1)
13. Like Precious Faith (2)
14. The Power of Christ’s Resurrection
15. What wilt Thou have Me to do?

By the stripes of Jesus you are already healed!

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