Street Healing in New York City

It was July 5th and a hot summer’s evening in NYC with temperatures in the nineties.

bryant_park_fountainWe met up with the team at Bryant Park by the fountain.  We met Johnny there who was a newcomer to the team and was full of questions.  He believed healing was true but had not seen it himself.  He had been watching several videos about healing and had prayed for several people but had not seen anyone he prayed for actually get healed.  He used as an example, the pain he had in his knee and shared that 3 people had already prayed for it but he had not been healed.  

We all tried answering his questions but no amount of talking was going to convince him.  So I reached out and put my hand on his knee and said “Watch this.”  I prayed and commanded all the pain to go and for his knee to be healed.  “Now do what you could not do before.” I coached him.  He moved it around and around and stretching it back and forth.  “Try to find the pain.” I challenged him.  He just broke out in a big smile and said “Huh!  It’s not there anymore!”  I said “That’s because Jesus just touched you and healed your knee.”

But then doubt started setting in. “But how do I know if it is all gone?  I would need to run for 15 minutes to know that it is all gone.” he argued.  “Did the pain that you had just go away?” I asked him.  He said “Yes.”  “So then it is gone and you were healed, right?” I continued.   It was almost too good to be true for him to grasp and he just kept feeling his knee and smiling in amazement.  But he finally agreed that it was healed.

Then one of the ladies on the team said that the man sitting at a table behind us needed prayer.  Always ready to respond to a word and wanting Johnny to see live healing in action on a total stranger, I jumped up and approached him and he said he was fine.  I gave him a Gospel of John and told him it was a present for him.  He thanked me and I asked him if I could pray for him, which he first refused but when I asked if he had any pain in his body, he said his knee was bothering him.  I said “No problem.  Jesus can fix that right away.”  I put my hand on his knee and prayed and the pain left him immediately.

He was all excited that his pain was gone.  I told him that Jesus had touched him and healed his knee.  “Do you know Jesus?” I asked him.  “Oh, I know about Jesus.” He answered a bit hesitant.  “Are you born again?” I continued.  “No, not really.  I don’t know really.” he replied.  “Well, would you like to be and know for sure?” I prodded him.  “Not right now, but thank you.” was his response.  “OK.  Well, you can read all about Jesus Who just healed you in this Gospel of John and follow the instructions in the back when you are ready, Okay?” I encouraged him.  He agreed, thanked me and we said goodbye.

We then started walking towards 34th street and came across Flora, a beautiful homeless woman in front of Macy’s, who only spoke Italian.  But language is no barrier for Jesus or for the Holy Spirit.  We could understand that she had osteoporosis.  We prayed for her and commanded the osteoporosis to go and for her to be healed.  The reaction on her face was priceless as she discovered that her pain was suddenly gone.

When she realized that Jesus had healed her, she told us that she had diabetes too.  Like the woman in the bible with the issue of blood, she latched on to us and would not be denied.  After praying for the diabetes to go, she took out her pills to show us as to say that she will not be needing these anymore.  According to her faith, so be it unto her.  After this we also prayed for her granddaughter and her son and for the Lord to pour out His blessings on her.  She was so grateful and thankful she could not stop praising God and saying Hallelujah.  Praise Jesus!  You can watch her reaction of amazement and gratitude in the video of Flora’s healing below.

After we dropped off the ladies on the team at Penn Station, Johnny and I walked back up to Port Authority and grabbed some ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery on 42nd street.  Great ice cream!  As we were finished and heading towards Port Authority, we met Colton, a homeless man who said he had constant pain in his back.  I offered that Johnny would pray for him.  Johnny stepped right up to the plate and Colton said it felt a lot better.  We asked him if the pain was all gone and he said no, that there was still some pain left.  So I told Johnny to “hit it again” and he did.  This time it was a home run.  All the pain was gone.  We confirmed that Colton was born again and baptized in the Holy Ghost and left him with a Gospel of John to read.

Johnny was thrilled and said “I actually healed my first person today!” as we walked away.  “You sure did!” I responded.

We bumped into another homeless man whose wrist was hurting him.  I told him that my friend Johnny would pray for him.  Johnny did and his wrist was healed instantly.

Next we chased a woman in a wheelchair with a cast on her left foot being pushed by her husband with her children family in tow.  We caught up to her and her family and offered to pray for her.  Neither she nor her husband understood English.  When I asked one of their kids what language they spoke, they said Spanish.  So I used my ‘un pocito Español’ and asked them “Puedo orar por ti?” (May I pray for you?) which made them stop and say “Si!”  I asked if she had “dolor” (pain) which she confirmed and I offered that Johnny would pray for the pain to go.  He prayed and the pain left immediately.  They were very grateful shouting “Gloria a Dios!” (Glory to God!) as we parted.

After we left them I realized I had totally forgotten to give them a Spanish Gospel of John which I happened to have in my bag.  O, well, Jesus touched them and that was the most important thing.  And, yes, we destroyed another work of the enemy and set this captive woman free just like Jesus did.  Praise Jesus!

I told Johnny “Now you have 3 notches on your belt!”  He said this was so much better than watching videos.  So I explained that this is what true discipleship is all about, teaching hands on, just like Jesus did with His disciples.  We walked and talked all the way until I got on the bus at about 10:30 PM.

Johnny is now fully activated and ready to take on the kingdom of darkness.  Another son of God is now walking in the power of his rightful inheritance in the kingdom of God.

For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20

PS:  a few days later on July 8th, I received the following text from Johnny:

“I just healed someone on the train.  Praise God!  Haha, kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

It certainly is!  And a new disciple is activated and at large in New Your City.

Here is the video of Flora’s healing:

Franciscus M. Dartee

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