Saleem Meets Sar Shalom

prince-of-peace.jpgAfter ministering music to the men at the Goodwill Rescue Mission and after packing up my stuff, before leaving, I decided to reach out to the guys directly and just sit down and talk with them.

One of them was a young man named Saleem which means peace similar to Shalom as in Sar Shalom or Prince of Peace.  I asked him if he believed in Jesus and I could tell he hesitated before he said yes, he did.  I said “Wait a minute.  You just hesitated before you said that.  Do you really believe in Jesus?”  “Well sometimes I do.”  He kind of avoided the question so I asked him “Hey, can I show you something?”  “Sure.” he replied.

So I told him to hold out his hand.  I hovered my right hand above and my left hand under his hand and told him to let me know when he felt something.  After just a few seconds he told me it was tingling.  I said “OK. Just let me know when it gets hot.”  About 10 seconds later he confirmed it was getting hot.  I asked him “You feel that?  That is Jesus letting you know that He is real and that He loves you.”

His whole face just lit up as he exclaimed “How do you do that?”  I assured  him “It’s not me doing this, it’s Jesus.  He is the One touching you right now.  I’m just the conduit to let His power flow through me.  It’s the power of the Holy Spirit in me that is touching you right now to prove to you that Jesus loves you.  He is real.  Do you believe now that he is real?”  He said “Yes, He is real!”

I continued “Just start reading your bible and believe that it means what it says.  You can do this, too.  Let me show you.  Who do you want to try this on?”  With eyes as big as saucers, he called over his buddy Alfonso and I told him to do the same to Alfonso I had just done to him.  Alfonso held out his hand and Saleem held his hands in the same position hovering over Alfonso’s hand.  After a few seconds Alfonso started to feel something tingling and some warmth.  Then they announced the next program and we had to clear the room.

I encouraged Saleem that he could start ministering to others the same way and even heal people by laying on of hands just like Jesus did.  We said goodbye but Saleem now has a new ambition and calling for his life after being touched by Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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