Activating A Brand New Team Member

Mall.jpgAndrew, a brand new Team Member, whom I had never met before but only over the phone, met us for one of our outreach outings at Willowbrook Mall.  He told us that he had never seen an actual healing before and that he had prayed for people but had never seen an instant healing.  As we walked around the mall he witnessed several instant healings take place by the other team members.

When it came time to go, the very last person I approached was a small Indian man who sat by the fountain in the middle of the mall while holding on to his quad cane.  He accepted my offer for prayer and told me it was his knee that was hurting.  You could see that the knee was bent outward to the side and affected his whole leg being crooked.  

I told him “Andrew here is going to pray for you.”  Andrew put his hand on the man’s knee, commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and for his knee to be healed.  As soon as he was done praying, I told the man to check it out and do what he could not do before.  He got up and to his amazement discovered that the pain was gone.  His whole face changed and in his Indian accent he started to shout “Thank the gods!”  I quickly corrected him and told him “No, thank Jesus, the only God!  He is the One who healed you.”  After sharing Jesus with him, he started bowing towards us and thanking us over and over again with his hands folded towards us in the Indian manner.

Andrew was now activated.  He had ministered and effectuated his very first instant healing.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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