Show Of Power

power-in-the-pinesOn the 14th of May, Fort Dix Air Force Base in New Jersey held its annual air show called Power in the Pines.  The “Pines” referring to the New Jersey Pine Barrens that surround the area.  The “Power” obviously referring to the air power of the many fighter jets and aerial combat equipment on display that day.

Well, with an expected crowd of over 100,000 people, we decided to bring some real power to the pines to overcome the prince of the power of the air and set the captives free.  So we brought our team and about 200 Gospels of John to handout.

We quickly noticed that the attraction was also the distraction.  Many people we approached who were in obvious need of healing, quickly dismissed our offer because ”I’m heading to the air show.”  One woman pushing her husband in a wheelchair actually yelled at us “Leave us alone!”  I knew it wasn’t the woman who was yelling and he wasn’t yelling at us but at Jesus.  

We prayed for many and saw many healed, so many we simply lost count.  Here are a few of the highlights of the day:

  • A man named Glen who was walking with a cane said he had schizophrenia, a bad right leg and a bad right arm.  I felt so compassionate for him, he almost started crying that someone took notice of him and was willing to care about his needs.  His request was with such humility and sincerity of heart, I just wanted to hug him.  Jesus set him free and he was changed when we parted.
  • A woman with arthritis in her right arm was so thrilled that after so many years she was able to move her arm freely without any pain.
  • A man who only spoke Spanish, stood very straight next to a large cargo plane with a very noticeable orange colored back brace.  He could not move in any direction at all.  Through my very broken “pocito Espanol” I uttered “Puedo orar por ti? (may I pray for you?)”  He accepted and was instantly relieved of his pain and had regained much of his movement.  I could tell that he did not dare remove his brace yet and I was not about to push him either.  I figured he will realize it when he takes it off at home later.  I had also brought a few Spanish gospels with me and gave him one.  As if he had never seen a bible before, he just looked at it turning it over and over and then at me as I tried to explain what it was.  He was so excited he started reading it right away.  I left him there and 15 minutes later I noticed from a distance that he was still standing there reading.
  • A young girl with a crutch and a large ace bandage on her knee was surrounded by other young girls.  I decided to approach the mother “Excuse me.  I noticed your daughter’s crutch.  I am a minister and I pray for people and God heals them.  Can I pray for your daughter?”  “Sure.” she responded so I asked the young girl if I could pray for her which she confirmed .  Making sure that all the other girls could  hear me too, I asked her “Do you want to see something really cool?”  She nodded her head in agreement.  So I continued in a loud voice “OK.  Watch this now.  Thank You Jesus that you are going to show her how much You love her by setting her free right now.  In Jesus name I command all the pain to go NOW!  Knee be completely healed.  OK, check it out.  Do what you couldn’t do before.”  After an initial look of amazement, she started jumping about with her friends who were all asking her “Is it gone?  Is it healed?” while she kept shaking her head in full confirmation .  After explaining that Jesus had set her free I gave them all a gospel of John and encouraged them to read all about Jesus who had done this miracle and how much He loves them.
  • A man named Louis had hurt his spine in a work related accident.  We had to pray twice but he was completely set free.
  • A woman named Vicky had diabetes and an infection in her big toe.  She was instantly set free and could walk normal again.

By the end of the day we had handed out all of the Gospels of John we had on hand except for a few Spanish ones.  Every armed forces personnel we bumped into got one automatically and they gladly received it with very few declining to take one.  I even gave one each to 2 Mormons that were proselytizing there that day and told them “Here is the real gospel for you to read.”

I’m sure the prince didn’t like it too much that we came to rain on his parade but we had a great day destroying his works and proving who was really in charge.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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