Complete Overhaul

perfect-body-under-constructionCharlie was brought to our house meeting as a guest.  He was very pleasant and inquisitive with questions like “Are you saying that we have no need for doctors?” and “Well, what about Paul’s thorn in the flesh?” and “Are you saying that all sickness comes from demons?”.  No arguments, just healthy curiosity about these sacred cows he had been raised with.

We patiently answered all his questions and explained that like sacred cows, these were all doctrines of men that he had learned as the commandments of men.  When it came time for prayer, he was noticeably silent.  Then one of our regulars, no doubt prompted by the Holy Spirit as well as his continual holding and rubbing his knees, asked him “Do you need prayer for your knees?”  

“Yes,” he replied shaking his head “but that’s not all.”  After encouraging him to share he explained that he had bad knees and that his left knee was artificial.  He further explained that he also had an artificial hip and severe back pain.  He continued to share that as an educator in the Brooklyn school system, he had put an end to a fight between boys and got hit on his head which resulted in head trauma causing vertigo, dizziness and headaches.

“Ah!  Sounds like you need a complete overhaul!” I responded.  “Would you like a new hip and a new knee?  There on sale tonight, you know.”  He just looked at me kind of funny with a gee, I wish kind of a grin.

“All right, which would you like us to take care of first?”  I asked.  He said his knees.  So we prayed for both his knees and for a new left knee which was instantly healed the first time.  The other knee we had to pray for 3 times before it finally surrendered, but it did.  The real test, he said, would be if he could get up from the couch normally which he promptly did.

Next we prayed for a new hip and for his back and told him to check it out and do what he could not do before.  It was better but not all the way so we hit it again and all the pain left him completely.  He was able to bend all the way down and touch his toes.

Next we prayed for his head and all the pain left him immediately.  When we asked him to do what he could not do before, he just looked up at the ceiling and said that he had not been able to simply look up like that without pain.

As I was going on just ministering to him, I noticed in between the healings that he was hesitating, looking down and wiping his eyes.  I didn’t realize until afterwards that he was actually being overwhelmed.  What for us as practicing believers has now become the most normal everyday occurrence, is still an overwhelming miracle to those who are being touched by God in their flesh for the very first time.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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