Complete Overhaul Part 2

spirit-doveWell, Charles was so thrilled with being healed that he brought three of his neighbors with him the next week.  They said that Charles was dancing in front of them to show them that he had been healed and that he had not been able to do that before.

The first woman I prayed for received a new baptism in the Holy Ghost and received the gift of speaking in tongues.

The next man was instantly healed of pain in his knees and back and his anxiety and depression were lifted.  

The next woman received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues and was instantly healed of pain in her right knee.  When she checked it out she said that the pain was gone but that it still felt a bit stiff.  So we prayed again and the stiffness instantly left.  She was so excited walking up and down the hallway.

The next woman was instantly healed of pain on the inside of her right foot.  “Yes!  Praise Jesus!” she exclaimed.

Brian, one of our team members, prayed for a man who tied in to the meeting over Skype and was healed in his kidneys.

The last woman was actually the first woman again and it turned out that she had lupus.  Her friends who brought her insisted that she was not leaving until she was prayed for, for her lupus.  So we all laid hands on her and commanded it to leave when suddenly she was slain in the spirit, went down and was knocked out cold for a good 5 minutes.  When she awoke she said it was the weirdest feeling but she felt great and could not feel anything of the lupus.  I explained that the Holy Spirit had just performed his operation on her and healed her.

The exhilaration was in the air as everyone was so excited what the Lord was doing.  We also had 2 brand new believers there, a husband and wife who had just given their lives to Christ the week before, who saw the gospel of power in action first hand right there  before their very eyes.

It was a great night!  All of the glory goes to Jesus.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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