Healed In Time For Her Wedding

wedding2Casey came to our home on a team meeting day to be prayed for.  She was getting married next week and could not move her back or her neck.  Not exactly how you want to go through your wedding day!

One of us prayed for her and she felt a little bit of relief, but this thing was stubborn.  It simply would not budge.  But the mountain had moved!  And if we can move the mountain just one inch then we can move it all the way!

When you minister healing and you see something move, even just the slightest bit, the demons have flinched.  They gave themselves away.  That is the proof!  They have exposed themselves and you can call them out on it.  

We continued as each of us took turns, commanding them to release her and for her back and neck to be completely healed and made whole.  It was like a healing line in reverse.  Normally there is one minister at the front with several people lined up to be prayed for one by one.  Here we were all lined up taking turns to pray for one person.

And pray we did.  It didn’t have a chance.  It had to go!  We commanded, we yelled, we demanded, we pushed the spirit into her.  We instructed her to check it out every time which to her was exhausting.  We even tried a few unconventional things such as starting off very quietly and suddenly clapping hands loudly while right away grabbing her hands to catch the demons by surprise and hit them like an spiritual electric shock.

By the time we were done a half hour later, she had regained the freedom of moving her neck and her back but it was the full manifestation was not complete.  As such we were not quite finished but she was exhausted and told us that this was already so much better.

As she left to go home, we confirmed with her that she was already healed by the stripes of Jesus and to just keep thanking Him and praising Him for her healing.  She said that she would.

The next day we texted her and received a text back that it her back and her neck were completely healed.  Praise Jesus!  The only thing she had was sore muscles from all the checking it out which she did not mind at all since it was a good kind of pain.

She was now able to look forward to fully enjoying her wedding day.  Thank you, Lord!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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