Slain In The Spirit And Instantly Healed


Our local church was hosting a Summerfest picnic at Modick Park in Hopatcong, New Jersey as an outreach for the community.

modick8It was a great event with live music bands, carnival games for the kids, food stands and of course a ministry table with lots of information.  I manned the ministry table with a few other folks and we offered to pray for people and would give them bibles and information about the church.

Towards the latter part of the day, one on the worship team members, Svetlana, brought a woman  over to our table who needed prayer.  Her name was Nadia and who, just like Svetlana, was from the Ukraine.  

modick2“This is Nadia.  She would like someone to pray for her.  Can you please pray for her?” Svetlana asked me.  “Of course!” I responded and in my broken Russian said “Privet, Nadia.” which means “Hello, Nadia”.  This made her break into a big smile and she started to go off in Russian.  “Whoa, I only know a little bit of Russian!” I told her, “What can I pray for for you?”

She said, “Oh, I have been praying for someone to pray for me!  I have Crone’s disease and colitis.”  “Okay, let’s pray.  Father, I thank You for Nadia and Jesus, I thank You that You love Nadia and that You are going to show her how much You love her by healing her of these conditions.  You spirits of Crohn’s and of colitis, in Jesus name, I command you to leave this body NOW!  Get out and do not return.  I command  this body to be healed and made whole in Jesus name and…”

modick3I was holding both her hands and praying with my eyes closed when all of a sudden I felt her hands slipping out of mine.  I quickly opened my eyes only to see her falling to the ground.  Svetlana quickly caught her and laid her down gently on the grass.  She was slain in the spirit and out cold and stayed in that condition for a good 5 minutes.

Wow!  This was a first for me.  I had never been slain in the spirit myself, let alone minister it to someone else.  I later learned that the Lord does this sometimes to perform a significant operation on the inside of a person.  I have also heard of other more severe cases where the Holy Spirit does His operation at night while the individual is sleeping.  One such situation was a man who had a steel plate in his back.  He was prayed for and the next day he woke up with the steel plate lying next to him in his bed.

modickWhen Nadia woke up she was a bit in a daze and asked what had happened to her.  Svetlana explained to Nadia in Russian that she had been slain in the spirit and what that meant.  I added, “The Lord has healed you.  How do you feel?”  “I feel funny.”  She said.

“Do you feel any pain?  Check to see if you have any pain.” I coached her.  She felt her abdomen and shook her head, “No, I don’t feel any pain.”  “Praise Jesus!” I said.

She thanked me and walked off with Svetlana holding her while still a bit in a daze from what had just he opened to her.  All I could do as I walked back to the ministry table was praise Jesus.  He is so awesome!  To perform such an operation in the middle of a public park and set Nadia completely free, how awesome is that?

Praise His holy name!


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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