Spiritual Basic Training

bootThis Tuesday I received an email from Dave, one of our newest team members.

He was writing to let me know about last Saturday’s outreach event and why he wasn’t there.  He had assured me that he would be there but I never saw him.  Here’s why:  

Good Day Frank,

If u will remember, when I said goodbye to u on last Wednesday evening..i said: "see u Saturday."

Soo, Saturday morning I had a dentist appointment out in Hunterdon county at 8:30..It lasted longer than I expected, but I got in my car and raced up to the Meadowlands. I pulled in the parking lot at 11:45. I got out of my car, and thought,

"i'll walk around a bit, and just run in to Frank"

Then I kinda realized I was not so confident in being bold..AT ALL. I started having all kinds of thoughts to chicken out..like, this should be done in a church setting..or in a hospital...im not an extremeist..the more I walked around, the less I wanted to bump into u.

after about half an hour, I slinked back to my car, and drove home.

I figure, if I tell u, we can work through my sissiness together.

see u Wednesday evening.


Here is my response to him:

No problem, Dave.  You were bold enough to still come out.  Then the demons got scared that you were coming so they instilled their spirit of fear in you.  You see, it was not you who was afraid or you never would have come out in the first place.  They were afraid of what you might do to them.  So what you felt was them transferring their fear onto you.  That is why you did not experience fear until you started walking around.  They were afraid that you might discover your power as a son of the most high God to cast them out and upset their works.  

There are stories of people who got instantly healed the minute they walked into an auditorium where Kathryn Kuhlman was about to speak.  The demons knew that they were going to be cast out so they bugged out ahead of time.

We saw many miracles on Saturday and one new team member got activated for the first time and prayed for most of the people.  The demons knew that if you had caught up to us, you would have been activated too.  And this is what they wanted to avoid at all costs.

So don't be too hard on yourself.  I too have chickened out many times.  But I did not check out and that is what is the most important.  The mere fact that you are writing to tell me this, tells me that you are ready to back up and hit it again.  That is what counts.

Step by step we move forward.  This is warfare and many strongholds are won not in great battles, but in small strategic steps.  As long as we do not retreat and keep advancing, we have the victory because Jesus has already won the battle.

You are a new warrior and still in boot camp right now.  You still need to complete your basic training and this is all part of it to mold you to become a good soldier  and a mighty warrior in the army of the Lord.

See you tomorrow.


Here is his response back to me:

thanks Frank,

that's very nice..and accurate I would say.

very motivating.

keep up the good work.

c u Wednesday nite

Dave gave me permission to share this with you to learn from.


Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


 All rights reserved.  ©  2016

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Basic Training”

  1. Dave, letting Frank share your mail already shows boldness as well as humility and God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. God blessed you, Brother!


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