Got The Flu? Do This Right Now!

RejoicingThe day before Christmas Eve, I received a text from Kiran asking me to pray for her.

Apparently she had “severe flu symptoms.”

Well, I could have just prayed for her and be done with it.

But Kiran knows me all too well to be an adamant believer in instant healing and relentless in that fact that the instant word applied in absolute faith brings instant results.

She herself is a firm believer in healing as well.

A while ago, she literally got up out of her wheelchair and walked.

This happened after having not being able to walk for more than a year.

Months before she manifested her healing, she was already persuaded that she was healed by the stripes of Jesus.

She would tell people not to come over to visit if they were just going to pity her and would not believe with her, that she was already healed.

Even though it was plain for all to that see she was still bound to a wheelchair.

She refused to believe anything different other than that she was already healed.

And that is how one day she decided that it was time to act on what she believed and got up out of that wheelchair and has been walking ever since.

But that is a story for another day and one I hope to share with you in her own words.


Here is what happened to her flu (Who wants to be under the weather while celebrating the holy-days anyway, right?):



Go ahead and apply the above and be free from the flu.  Or send this message to anyone with severe flu symptoms so they can be free of them, too.

Sickness and disease is no longer ours.

Jesus already bore them.  So why should you?

Matthew was eyewitness to the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 53 when he reported in his gospel that Jesus “took our infirmities [feebleness (of mind or body)] and bore the sicknesses.”

The KJV translates it wrong by stating “our” sicknesses.   Young’s Literal Translation does a much better job:

that it might be fulfilled that was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying,`Himself took our infirmities, and the sicknesses he did bear.’  Matthew 8:17 (YLT)

You see in the Greek the word “ἡμῶν” or “hēmōn” (Strong’s g2257) meaning “of us” or “our” is added to “the infirmities” rendereing it “the infirmities of us” or “our infirmities”.

But not so with “the sicknesses.”  It completely leaves off the “of us” additive since they are no longer ours.

So then if Jesus already did bear the sicknesses, then this concludes that they are no longer ours but His and we no longer need to suffer or bear them.

Now He also took our infirmities, didn’t He?

So we can stand strong in the knowledge of Him and the payment by His stripes and be instantly healed.

According to your faith be it unto you.” Jesus in Matthew 9:29

Franciscus M. Dartee

Grow in Faith | Walk in Power


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